Contractor issues roundhouse appeal

September 12, 1998|By JULIE E. GREENE

CSX Real Property Inc.'s demolition contractor filed an appeal with the City of Hagerstown on Friday asking that the firm not have to remove the foundation of the roundhouse complex's buildings to 30 inches below ground, the city's building inspector said.

The city code requires the 30-inch depth for aesthetics as well as to prevent future construction or drainage problems, said Mike Heyser, building inspector.

CSX Real Property Inc. Director Kevin Hurley said aesthetics shouldn't apply in this case because the property is not visible from the roads and is surrounded by CSX land.

Removing that earth also would raise the cost of the project, although Hurley said he did not know by how much.


"It is a cost savings to us, but we really don't feel there's a downside from the city's standpoint," Hurley said.

Heyser said he fears the ground might be contaminated.

Hurley said he didn't know if the ground around the foundations is contaminated. He said he assumed the added cost would come from digging up the large, thick concrete and brick foundations and not from replacing contaminated soil.

The appeal will be considered by the Board of Technical Appeals at 7 p.m. Sept. 22 at City Hall, Heyser said.

The railroad complex along South Burhans Boulevard is the largest remaining from the steam era.

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