Mail Call

September 11, 1998

"Folks, if you are as tired of these money grubbing politicians taxing us to death as I am, then the only way we can stop it is to take the power back. Quit sending the same people back there year after year to the point where they think they are so powerful, that they can do anything with our money. I, for one am not voting for any incumbent in any election. We need to stop sending the same people back there again and again and again. We need to put new faces in there every election and let them realize the fact that's it's only a temporary job and to stay out of our pocketbooks. Thank you and remember to vote."

"Mail Call, about diabetes disease. Has anybody noticed that whenever you go into the hospital with a problem of any kind, even accident victims, you get bag after bag of glucose? My problem was an abscessed gall bladder. For seven days nothing by mouth, no food, no water - only glucose in the vein. Now I'm a diabetic. I would like to know what is in that bag? Does it overpower your system and make you a diabetic? Thank you, Mail Call."


"I have a question for all you Little League coaches and experts out there. If you have 10-year-olds on a major league team who plays all season with 11- and 12-year-olds then why are they allowed to play in the minor league All-Stars if selected with 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-year-olds at the end of the season? Is this a normal practice for choosing Little League teams or what? I think that if they play all year on a major league team then they shouldn't be able to drop back and play on a minor league All-Star game. This seems totally unfair to me and it seems like it's just a way for the coaches' favorites to get to play in everything. And 99.9 percent of the time the kid has a father that's a coach. Is this a coincidence or what? Someone who knows the answer please respond."

"Could anybody tell me in the Washington County Baseball League who was the shortstop for the Sharpsburg Bluebirds in 1953 and was the most valuable player in the Independent League? I'd like to have some information on that if someone could tell me. Thank you."

"The question has been asked - how many times must Bill Clinton apologize? Answer - Until he gets it right!"

"Hey Bill, pack your bag, buddy. You're on you way out of here!"

"Now I've heard it all. If I wanted a safe, comfortable work environment there are several professions I would tend to shy away from, one of which is being a police officer. If someone breaks into a police officer's house and the police officer is afraid of the guy and has to chase him away and then call more police to get him, then I'd have to wonder who I should call if someone breaks into my house. Mmmmm - I know, I'll call my old friends Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. Like the old saying goes, 'If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen' or back into it, whatever the case may be."

"This is to all the parents at last night's award ceremonies for the Smithsburg Little League that allowed your kids to run around, yell, talk, climb on the stage and act like animals. I was there and was so ashamed of most of you. My son along with the members of his team sat there quietly and listened yo what was going on. They even made comments about the activities of these other kids and how rude they were. We were sitting up front and couldn't even hear what was going on. Most of these kids were so rude and loud it was unbelievable and what was even more unbelievable was that you, their parents allowed them to act like this and you were even talking and showing no respect. This is why we don't have nice banquets anymore. I was really appalled at this behavior from the parents and their children. You even continued after being asked twice to respect others in the room. Our kids didn't place any first place trophies in the games but they sure did at the awards program. This is to Gary and his helpers - our kids are to be congratulated for acting like ladies and gentlemen. They made me proud to be seated with this bunch of great kids and I'm proud to say that they sat there and showed respect to all the other teams and coaches. Way to go kids, you were great! And to the others who acted like they were in a barn, shame on you and your parents for allowing you to act this way at a public function. Thank you Mail Call."

"Hi Mail Call. I was reading your paper on Sept. 9 and I read in there that the city's gonna spend $44,500 for a study for a new stadium and the outfit that's gonna do the study, the way it looks, is from out of state. Out around Minnesota some place. What I can't understand is we have engineers, city planners, and commissioners who have planners. Why can't this work be done by local people? Why would it have to be contracted out to the tune of $44,500?"

"Hello Mail Call. Is there anyone in the city of Hagerstown that can tell me whether there is an ordinance of any kind about someone who has 60 snakes in their home within the city limits? Nobody seems to know."

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