Mail Call

September 11, 1998

Editor's note - Friday will be the last day The Daily Mail will run comments about the candidates running in next Tuesday's primary election.

"Remember voters, fight crime. Shoot back. Vote gun rights!"

"Hi Mail Call. To all the Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt fans. Mark McGwire is the man!"

"I'm calling about all these carrying ons about McGwire breaking these records. Well, they moved the fences in so somebody could break the record and now they can move the fences in again so somebody else can break McGwire's record. This isn't sports anymore, it's all about money and who's gonna hit the most home runs. They look like a bunch of clowns out on the field anymore."

"Yes, in regards to Tommy Bowers in the paper on Sept. 8. I didn't vote for him but if all the people in Smithsburg that did vote him in, if they were that dumb to vote him in knowing that he had this lawsuit against the town, they deserve everything they're gonna get. And he isn't very sincere but they also knew that when they voted him in so they will have to suffer the consequences. That's the dumbest thing I ever heard of - voting for somebody that's suing your town but it's already been done now."


"Yes, I'm calling in regards to the person who called in and said that they were sick of hearing our moaning and groaning about people talking about their NASCAR teams. Most people like Mail Call and we like to call in. Nice job, Mail Call, keep up the good work."

"Hi Mail Call. I just wanted to say keep on putting the vegetables and stuff in the paper. I like seeing those things. I like seeing the young people with their big smiles on their faces. Keep on giving us those vegetable, fruits and whatever else unusual you can find. Thanks Mail Call."

"This is addressed to the student at Northern Middle School who picked up the zipper binder on Friday evening and took most of the contents but brought the binder back. The lunch card won't do you any good and if you took anything home that didn't belong to you, your parents should have known it wasn't yours and make you bring it back. Thank you."

"I retired in 1991 from the Washington County school system. To the teachers and all others who retired under the state retirement system please remember as you vote that it was Paul Muldowney who was responsible for replacing it with a state pension system which was about one-half the amount that I retired with after 31 years. Remember Paul Muldowney. Vote John Donoghue. We voted Paul Muldowney out of office once, please don't let him return."

"This is a request for people that put up yard sale signs. Please remember and take them down after your sales. One day it's going to be that we aren't allowed to put up signs and this will make it inconvenient for those who do take their signs down after they have their sales."

"Good morning Mail Call. I'd like to put out an APB to locate Senator Barbara Mikulski. I can remember her outrage concerning the transgressions of Washington Sen. Bob Packwood. She was very vocal and up front with her condemnation. Where's your outrage at the behavior of our president? Her silence is deafening. It seems she has vanished from the face of the earth. Beam her up Scottie."

"Mail Call, I have to speak up or blow up, one or the other so I think I'll speak up. I read Mail Call all the time and put articles in the Mail Call sometimes. But these people make me sick that are steady taking up for this guy that's their president. He's not my president, he never was my president and he never will be my president. And these women, especially to take up for this man when he's publicly humiliated Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky. And then these people, especially women, have the nerve to say this is Monica's fault. Well, when does a person the age of Monica become responsible as much as the President of the United States for doing the same thing? No women, you're wrong. You're very wrong and you're losing the respect of men. It's getting worse and worse all the time. Now you women tell me that this is a decent human being and then you let me know how you come to that conclusion."

"Hello Mail Call. I'm a property owner on St. Paul Road in Clear Spring and I had a Gregory Bannon for Judge of Circuit Court sign up in my yard and someone came up and took it out of my yard and did God knows what with it, I have no idea. And then immediately across the road they put up a Beachley/Boone sign. Now I'd appreciate it if you would bring back my sign but it really doesn't matter. I'm just going to put another one back up tonight!"

"I'm a person who enjoys flowers very much and I want to say how beautiful the flowers are at the elegant old home across from the City Park. They make such a pretty picture. Thank you."

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