Letters to the Editor

September 11, 1998

Surrey's fringe benefits

To the editor:

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the administration and staff at Surrey Child Care Center for their outstanding summer program. Our son started out attending part-time and within one week wanted to go every day.

No matter what time we arrived to pick him up it was too soon. While I am at a loss to name all of the wonderful teachers who have provided an enriching experience for our son, I would like to personally thank Miss Sherry and Miss Chris.

I am in awe of their infinite patience and creative spirits. A variety of activities kept the children focused and yet there was ample time to run, play, swim and yes, even get very messy.


We are fortunate to have such a wonderful children's center in our community as an option for both child care and developmental enhancement. Thank you to Chuck Wainwright, Dawn Gist and the entire staff at Surrey for caring so much about our precious children. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Lori Harmon


Commandments have lasting power

To the editor:

Upon what is the authority of law founded? Governments? They will pass away. Constitutions? Legal minds can bend them to seditious and immoral purposes. The will of the people? The will of the people is fickle. Guns and armies? The despotism of guns and armies can be overthrown and replaced with other guns and other armies. Today's law-maker can be tomorrow's criminal.

What, then, is the grounding of law? From what has our form of government derived the right to establish laws and require that they be obeyed, even unto death?

All law derives from God. It has no authority otherwise. We live in an increasingly lawless society because the citizenry has forgotten that society, law, and government are under the authority of the higher power of almighty God. Why else is "In God We Trust" on the money? Why else do we place our rights hands on the Holy Bible when we testify in court? By barring the Ten Commandments from the County Courthouse, the County Commissioners in effect have denied the historical and moral foundations of their own authority.

Samuel S. Cuthbert


Good day for girls

To the editor:

I would like to give a big thank you to all the volunteers and parents who helped make Shawnee Girl Scout Day Camps (Hancock, Williamsport, Fairview) a great success.

With your unselfish devotion of time and energy, 280 girls experienced a week of new and exciting activities, while making new friends.

I would also like to thank the communities of each day camp for their donations and support provided for the programs.

Patricia J. Campbell, Field Executive

Shawnee Girl Scout Council

We're to blame

To the editor:

Our problem is not Bill Clinton. Our problem is with ourselves, as demonstrated by who we allow to lead us.

"We have met the enemy ... and he is us." - Pogo.

Larry D. Kump

Falling Waters, W.Va.

Withdrawn dog

To the editor:

I came up to the Washington County SPCA on Aug. 4 with my 4-year-old daughter. She fell in love with a little white cock-a-poo.

We filled out the adoption papers and were told it took three to five business days. We went and picked out toys, food and water dish, collar, leash, and a name.

Somehow the wrong dog was put on the papers.

I was called to come and pick up the dog. Needless to say we came up and left without one.

It broke my daughter's heart. She cried the whole way home.

My daughter is my top priority and it broke my heart for her to go through this.

I think something needs to be done to make sure this careless mistake doesn't happen again to other children.

Lisa Frye

Frederick, Md.

Let God protect our county

To the editor:

Placing the Ten Commandments in front of the Washington County Courthouse I feel is not only an exceptional proposal but vitally important. It shows that putting the Lord God first especially in our county is honoring to him and could only have positive results on our county.

The reason the United States of America has always been one of the best and most prosperious countries in the world I feel is because it was founded on Judeo Christian values from the Bible - God's word - and because of this the Lord God always protected our shores by never allowing a foreign enemy to invade us.

When man tries to remove God from anywhere all he does is remove himself from God and that is how he loses protection for himself.

To lose the Lord's protection is to watch crops fail. This is bad for the farmers and animals and in turn for all of us because we need good plentiful food to live and have a thriving economy. To lose the Lord God's protection is to see evil creep in and destroy families and children. To lose his protection is to watch T.V. become so violent and perverse that it's dangerous for our children to watch it. We must put God the father back by supporting his Ten Commandments with our gratitude to him for them and support institutions wishing to have such an awesome symbol as this displayed.

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