Mail Call

September 10, 1998

"The real reason our best and brightest no longer wish to be school teachers is not a question of salary. The main reason is a lack of discipline in the public school system and a lack of support by school administration based on the new standard set down by the NEA that states a child's lack of discipline is not the problem. It is the teacher's lack of classroom management skills that generates the unacceptable situation."

"I'm calling in regards to the caller the other day who said we should re-elect Ron Bowers and that he would clean this mess up with the county. The person that did this calling is either too young to know what is going on, doesn't read the newspapers, or has had total loss of memory. If you will recall, Ron Bowers was president of the Board of County Commissioners when this whole thing started to snowball into a $54 million debt. It's time for him to go. I'm a life-long Democrat who has been voting for 40 years and I've backed him in every election but it's now time to say, bye-bye Bowers."


"This is Margaret from Smithsburg and in your paper someone was looking for Virginia Draper and her book. Her address is Mrs. Virginia Draper, 11717 Wolfsville Road, Myersville, Md. 21774 and her phone number is 301-293-2053."

"Hi Mail Call. In the last two weeks I have been reading in Mail Call about Mayor Bowers taking credit for things done by the ex-mayor of Smithsburg. As the saying goes, 'read my lips.' Tommy Bowers is the mayor now so please just let it go and be a good sport."

"I'm a great Jeff Gordon fan and there's no way he or Ray Everham would cheat to win a race. They don't have to cheat. Jeff Gordon is a great race car driver. The others are just mad because Ray outsmarted them by only putting on two new tires and winning the race. So eat your hearts out you non-Jeff Gordon fans, he's the best!"

"Good afternoon Mail Call. I'd like to know if there is a church in or around Hagerstown where you're not judged by the size of your pocketbook? When they find out you're not loaded, you get snubbed in most of them around here. And as far as the Clinton episode goes, the person without sin cast the first stone."

"Clinton said he made a mistake. A mistake is when one does something he thinks is right but proves to be wrong. Clinton didn't make a mistake. He knew what he was doing was wrong all along."

"Hi Mail Call. Sadly a more accurate name would be 'Hate Call.' Many of your callers express simple hatred rather than explaining their views on an issue. Please, would some responsible people call in more thoughtful statements worth reading? Also, Carl Silverman is entitled to the same rights in this country that you want so why ridicule him? The $2 is not the point. By the way, the line in 'All In The Family' is 'Gee, our old La Salle ran great.' A La Salle was a type of car."

"Hi Mail Call. To Dan Burton who has been cutting Bill Clinton's sex life up for the last couple of months. Tell him what goes around comes around."

"I find it disgusting that the North American Rod and Gun Club is being run by bullies that is not necessary. It's a club for the people, by the people and of the people. It's the Board of Directors that should resign and the club should go back to being a membership club."

"I agree with Mr. Paul Muldowney, candidate for the 2-C Delegate seat in the Maryland General Assembly. Not only is it time, it is long over due to send the criminal element released from our local prisons back to New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Baltimore or wherever they came from and remove them from the streets of Hagerstown and Washington County. Further, I think it is time to remove the liberal element from Annapolis that would support their release into our communities."

"You Clinton lovers now find that the chickens have come home to roost. I was born a Democrat but I know enough is enough. This president has disgraced his office and has the whole world snickering at us. Our foreign policy is in shambles. Sadam is laughing at our affairs. Teachers are being asked by little girls why Clinton has a girlfriend. Socrates was forced to drink hemlock for corrupting the youth of Athens, Greece even before the birth of God. Enough, enough, enough is said."

"This is to the person that has been calling into Mail Call about the mayor of Smithsburg. It's time to give it up and to stop kicking a dead horse over and over. Let the new mayor do his job. It's time for someone else to carry the ball. A non-resident of Smithsburg who's sick and tired of the bickering."

"Hello Mail Call. There's nothing wrong with referring to Bill Clinton as Bubba. In fact, it is an honor. The National Bubba Organization with over 40,000 members is dedicated to improving our country. The name is derived from the five letters of the word Bubba, which stands for 'Bubbas United Building a Better America.' Assuming Clinton is a member, he is really being complimented. The country could use more people like this."

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