Mail Call

September 08, 1998

"This is in regards to your Sept. 1 issue of The Daily Mail about the RCI officer faces charges. I feel that if is not going to be tolerated why should some guard allegedly selling drugs to inmates be released with pay? That makes no sense. Now the drug dealers that were in jail selling the drugs are doing time and a cop allegedly selling drugs is released and paid while he's sitting at home. Something isn't right here and I think it's all corrupt and I also think there's more to this than one officer being involved."

"Some of these people who are so down on Clinton must have a record that is pure white. I'd love to see what an investigation, the kind Ken Starr is doing on the president, would show up on them. I'd almost bet that there's no one around anywhere that doesn't have something to hide and be ashamed of and not want the whole world to know about."


"This is in response to the person who's glad that football season started Sunday because they were sick and tired of watching the Jeff Gordon show every weekend. Well first of all, if you don't like the Jeff Gordon show turn off the television because it's going to keep happening and you'll probably pick a losing football team anyhow."

"I would like to report the loss of a diamond necklace in the vicinity of Ravenwood. I'd like hear from anyone who might have found it. It's of sentimental value and there would be a reward. My telephone number is 301-791-6433."

"Yes, this morning I went out on my patio with my paper and coffee for a few quiet moments. Instead I had to listen to your dog's constant barking. You moved into a quiet neighborhood with children and that huge dog. When you leave for work, for over a half an hour your dog barks and the rest of the neighbors have to listen to this. We should not have to be subjected to this every morning."

"To Mayor Tommy Bowers. After reading your article how do you expect to bury the hatchet and work as a team when you still have a lawsuit against the councilmen and the town? If you are sincere, drop the lawsuit. It works both ways. You said that you liked the personal satisfaction of doing something for the town. How can you say that about the town you are suing?"

"To the person calling about barking dogs. I have a dog that lives outside because he doesn't like to be in the house and we have air conditioners running at night so if he's barking we wouldn't be able to hear it. So if it's my dog that's barking, please call me and let me know. Then we can do something about it. This may be happening to a lot of dog owners in this hot weather so before you do something harsh, let your neighbors know."

"Hi Mail Call. I would just like to say thanks to the people that painted that beautiful art work on the corner of Prospect and West Washington Street across from the Catholic school. It's the most beautiful piece of art work I've ever seen. Hagerstown needs more of that around so let's get to it."

"Let's flush Ron Bowers on election day. Ron Bowers certainly has dropped his sewer crisis on county residents. So when you pick up your ballot at the polls and begin to complete it, just think about what Ron Bowers has done to us."

"I'm calling in concerns with Joe Bob and his biggest tomato and Billy Bob with his biggest squash and now Missy Bob with their biggest sunflower. Doesn't this newspaper have anything better to print than some indivdual that has the biggest vegetable?"

"I was just calling and wondering why you guys don't do more of the Charles Town Races, the results and all. I don't understand that. People buy this paper just for that and I was just wondering if maybe you guys could maybe keep up on it a little better."

"Good afternoon. I noticed there in the paper that a woman is suing because she fell down on the rough sidewalk outside that restaurant. She's suing for $1.5 million. Now I called a while back commenting on how everybody is so eager to sue somebody. Just out of being curious I went to that restaurant today and checked out every sidewalk on the premises. I'm an old man and I've had several leg operations and I'm not exactly agile as a gazelle but I will swear there is nowhere on that sidewalk that anybody should trip over even if they're on three crutches or a walker or something. This is just another example of somebody trying to get something for nothing and they've also painted yellow stripes around it which I don't even see as necessary because there's nowhere anybody can fall there unless they're not watching where they're going. I just don't understand these people that have to sue somebody everytime they get hurt or something. I just had to get this off my chest. I'm a very senior citizen and I don't have any trouble walking on the sidewalks at the mall or anywhere else."

"I pity Carl Silverman who is a supposed atheist. The very fact that he is alive should prove to him otherwise that there is a God."

"I just wanted to tell Tim that I love him very much and I'm thinking of him."

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