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September 04, 1998

Primary Forums '98

     Washington County Commissioner:  fourth in a series of five questions

QUESTION 4: What are your plans to establish a better dialogue between the commissioners, school board, Hagerstown Mayor and Council, and the state delegation?


Timothy A. Bonds

A good communicator has to have good listening skills and a open mind. And there are two sides to every argument. I will approach the school board, Hagerstown Mayor and Council, and the state delegation with a open mind and documentation to support my arguments.

John P. Corderman

I would suggest to my fellow board members that we meet on a regularly scheduled basis with each of the entities which you have identified. I would also suggest that the commissioners ask each of those entities what it is that Washington County government could do which would be of assistance to them. Certainly we can disagree without being disagreeable.


Dennis Duffey

My plans to establish dialogue with the other areas of government is that we must convince these agencies that we are not separate governmental divisions, but we are all concerned with one common goal - the welfare of the citizens of this county.

William M. Hornbarger II

The commissioners need to continue meetings with the school board to improve relations to make improvements in education, and gain an understanding of each office. The commissioners should try to set meetings with city officials to establish ways of joining efforts in areas which could save each office money. Commissioners should contact state officials on matters that effect the county.

Mary L. Kline

All four groups have to understand the needs of each other, after all we are a democracy not a dictatorship, discussion is a good sounding board.

John C. Munson

A better dialogue between the commissioners, school board, Hagerstown Mayor and Council, and the state delegation can be established by meeting and discussing your problems and their problems and trying to work them out together, but not by demanding anything especially money from the state after all state money comes from the same tax payers that pay county taxes.

John S. Shank

I as a County Commissioner would continue monthly:

A. Meeting with the school board and the Mayor and Council.

B. I will have regular monthly meetings with the delegation from September through December and while in Annapolis during the session have weekly telephone conference meetings. Communication and cooperation must improve between these groups.

C. I will make this my agenda.

Gregory I. Snook

4. A. Restart summit meeting and brainstorming sessions.

B. Have a representative from each group sit in on key decision making meetings to provide input.

C. Try one new idea quarterly or expand on existing joint ventures that work now, such as joint purchasing, computer and radio maintenance, insurance, investment, inspection services.

Andrew P. Thomas

My livelihood depends largely on my communication skills: as a former teacher I understand the challenges faced by the education system, as an involved citizen of Hagerstown, I see no problem establishing a dialogue with the Mayor and Council; and our Commission form of government makes working with the delegation imperative as commissioners, we are to present the people.

Albino J. Trujillo

In order to establish a dialogue with other political entities, the commissioners must have a sense of direction and purpose for the citizens of Washington County. This will enable them to take the lead and be a guiding light that others may see how we can be a great county by working together.

Clint Wiley

I come to the County Commissioner's race with no ax to grind and no hidden agenda - just a deep concern for the future of our community. The best way to open dialogue is with complete honesty and openness. To build an important consensus within the commission, and with the school board, the city, and the delegation we must establish trust.

William J. Wivell

Meet on a regular basis with all bodies; meet early and often with the school board prior to the formal budget process to avoid surprises; be honest, open, respectful, and trustworthy with each other; be better informed about issues important to others; maintain an open mind; resolve conflicts early; realize that the process is about give and take.

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