Final son rises to occasion

September 01, 1998

Final son rises to occasion

Today: Part II of the Herald-Mail's high school football previews - Pennsylvania

Coach and sonBy RON SOMERS / Sports Editor

photo: RICHARD T. MEAGHER / staff photographer [enlarge]

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - If Chambersburg High's Scott Folmar drops a pass or misses a tackle during a football game, he won't be able to tell his dad it was someone else's fault.

Neither will his dad be able to blame the coach if his boy doesn't get to play.

That's because Scott's dad, Don Folmar, is the coach.

The senior Folmar, 75-41-4 with the Trojans in 11 seasons, is used to having sons as players and players as sons.


Scott, a senior split end-defensive back and a four-year starter, is the fourth Folmar son to play for dad at Chambersburg.

"I've really enjoyed it,'' Don Folmar said.

The Folmar File began with Ryan, a quarterback and defensive back, who graduated in 1993. Next came Eric, a defensive back and linebacker, who graduated in 1995. Drew, a quarterback, followed. He graduated in 1997.

Folmar said he showed no favoritism, but his sons did have an advantage.

"They were all (team) manager when they were young. They spent a lot of time around the game,'' he said.

As for Scott, he finds being the youngest brother has been a plus, and a minus.

"They've helped me out a lot,'' he said, although the competitive nature of the brothers - combined with him being the youngest - meant he came out on the losing end of a lot of back yard games.

But mostly, his family situation has been a huge plus.

"I was the manager for I don't know how many years,'' Scott said. "I know the system really well.''

Like his brothers, he spent many hours watching game film, even before the was old enough to play for Chambersburg. The years of preparation, however, don't eliminate mistakes. In his case, there's no escaping the coach's ire.

"Some Friday nights are tough if you do a couple things wrong (in a game),'' Scott said. "He's not too bad. He's kind of stern, but in a way, not really.''

Scott is the last of the Folmar brothers, but not the last of the Folmar children. His sister, Catie, at 17 a year younger but like Scott a senior, is a field hockey player at Chambersburg.

Ryan just finished playing baseball at Oklahoma State, Eric is a senior baseball player at Old Dominion and Drew is a sophomore quarterback at Millersville. With them away, Scott said the house seems empty at times.

"There's not too many people to throw footballs to,'' he said.

But his sister is game.

"Catie's good at it,'' he said.

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