Letters to the Editor

August 31, 1998

Nipps' political gaff

To the editor:

The political season is upon us and candidates for public office are working to secure our votes. The candidates are seen in great numbers at the Republican and Democratic picnics, each of which have been reported in The Herald-Mail newspaper. This is an American way of helping us to select our neighbors to represent us in our government and to continue our freedoms under a democracy.

Occasionally, a candidate makes a statement either in hopes of gaining a large number of votes or through ignorance that makes an observer wonder if a candidate is worthy of our public trust. Such is a statement printed in the Aug. 27 edition of The Morning Herald. The statement was made by Board of Education incumbent and candidate for re-election Doris J. Nipps.

Board of Education policy titled "Code of Ethics for School Board Members" states that a school board member must "avoid being placed in a position of conflict of interest and refrain from using my board position for personal or partisan gain."


Nipps, seeking re-election in the non-partisan board of education race is quoted as saying that she is a registered Republican and a member of the Washington County Republican Club, a clearly partisan statement that is in conflict with the board of education ethics policy.

Nipps begged ignorance of rules and policies when first elected four years ago and was forgiven. Now, after one term in office, is she still ignorant of board policy that she is legally required to enforce? How can she, as a sitting board member, sit in judgment of others who are accused of breaking written policies and doling out punishments if the accused is found guilty while she herself willingly and publicly breaks policy "for personal and partisan gain?"

John A. Stansberry


Wilfong for board

To the editor:

During our many years of teaching, we have worked with many parents as they helped in various school activities. One of the outstanding parents who always supported her three children and their interests at school was Mary Wilfong. It is reassuring to know that someone who has experienced the school system at so many levels of participation has chosen to run for the board of education.

Wilfong brings lots of talents that will equip her for making tough decisions. We have known her for many years and have respected her dedication and commitment as PTA president, Citizen's Advisory Committee chairperson and Orchestra Parents Association officer. As a mother of three children and an experienced classroom teacher, Wilfong understands the educational issues from both parents and teachers perspectives. As co-owner of Martin's Fine Furniture, she has the financial and management skills that are essential in making effective policy decisions for a large school system. She works well with people and will concentrate on resolving issues through research and creative problem solving.

Using her time, talents and the resources of her business, Wilfong is a role model for community service. She is active in providing services for homeless people in our community and participates in a business-school partnership.

Wilfong's unique qualifications as a parent, teacher, community leader, school volunteer and successful business owner make her an outstanding candidate for the board of education. Please join us in supporting Wilfong as she seeks this new challenge in community service.

Marvin and Nancy Hurley


Forgotten child

To the editor:

Recently I lost my loving sister, Debra Allen, to cancer. She was a member of a local church for years. Through these four years of battling the disease, I saw that her faith in God never left her, but her faith in the church filled with supposedly God's children was lost.

In her last four months on this earth she was not acknowledged or comforted as a sister of the church. Where were God's children? On her last day on this earth, where were God's children? A week after her passing, many of God's children she had worshiped with didn't even know her or what she even looked like.

I thank God every day I have a fellowship as a member of a church where all God's children are present and acknowledged, love and supported and not all caught up in the everyday life. To forget one of God's children is to turn your back on God. Sad for these people.

Rose Fertenbaugh

Waynesboro, Pa.

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