First of quadruplets comes home

August 30, 1998

1st quad comes homeBy GUY FLETCHER / Staff Writer

photo: KEVIN G. GILBERT / staff photographer [enalrge]

Maverick Warren Davis finally came home Saturday - more than three months after he was born, but just three days after he was supposed to be born.

The infant, the son of Denise and Craig Davis, is the first of the Hagerstown couple's quadruplets to return from the hospital after being born 14 weeks premature.

"Finally," said Craig Davis, 23, a nursing assistant.

"Yes, finally," said Denise Davis, 29.

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The other three siblings, another boy and two girls, are in Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. One could be home in weeks but two others are at least a month and a half from joining their brother at the Doub Way townhouse, the parents said.


"It's still not real yet, not until they all come home," Craig Davis said.

The Davis quadruplets were born May 20. Maverick weighed 1 pound, 11 ounces. Dallas Michael was 1 pound, 12 ounces. Marisa Ryan weighed 1 pound, 7 ounces. Deidra Nicole was 1 pound, 9.5 ounces.

Since their premature birth, the babies have had constant medical attention, having taken various medications and undergone numerous procedures. For weeks they were placed on and off of ventilators. Deidra had to have a colostomy and other intestinal surgery.

"They've been through a lot," Denise Davis said.

But they have all put on weight, each surpassing the 4-pound mark. They also have done well on developmental tests on vision and hearing, she said.

She said they are aware that the children, because of their premature birth, may have some learning disability.

"Then again, we might have Einsteins. We don't know," she said.

When he came home, Maverick weighed an even 5 pounds. But for now he still requires oxygen when he eats, and he is on a heart monitor.

But that's a minor inconvenience for having their child home. Denise Davis said she is looking forward to the late-night feedings, the diaper changings and other day-to-day rigors of motherhood.

"I feel like I've missed so much," she said.

She can't wait until all four are home, but she knows the feedings and changings and other duties will increase much more then.

"I wonder how I'm going to do it, but I know I'll manage," she said.

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