Democrat response: Question 3

August 28, 1998

Primary Forums '98

Have you reviewed a copy of the county operating budget in the last three years? Yes or no. What experience or financial background do you have that qualify you to oversee a $100 million-plus budget?


Julianna M. Albowicz

Yes. As vice-mayor, sewer commissioner for the town of Clear Spring, I have worked on town budgets for many years. This past year was the largest ever totaling over $300,000. I'm not concerned about overseeing a $100 million plus budget, I'm determined to eliminate a $54 million debt. For 26 years, I have owned and operated my own business successfully.

William C. Blair

Yes. I have assisted in preparing many budgets and have kept within the guidelines of the finalized work. A budget is easy to compile, but making it work all year is another problem. I feel a $100 million budget can be handled the same as I would handle my own budget, the same as I do while running my own business.


Ronald L. Bowers

Yes. For 20 years I have placed the budget under close scrutiny and gained the reputation of being a "Budget Watchdog," always working to improve our A+ bond rating. As president of the board (1982-1990), I made numerous presentations to the leading financial institutions on Wall Street in New York City. Also, was treasurer of the Maryland Economic Development Corp.

William M. Breichner

Yes. My experience in finance and budgeting began as Hagerstown's water superintendent, where I was responsible for preparing and managing annual budgets for 17 years. This was followed by service as city administrator where I was responsible for submitting a balanced budget for the entire city. As a council person, I have been involved in the last 10 city budgets.

Ronnie Hines

The only experience is with the union as a trustee. But as you know, there aren't many people in this county that are familiar with working with millions. The only thing I can do is try to be fair and honest to everybody.

Patricia Crowther

I have owned and operated my own business and learned basic budget skills which apply to a $10,000 budget or $100 million budget. Financial prudence and common sense have nothing to do with the size of a budget.

Andrew R. Humphreys

Yes. My background includes service as elected member of the Washington County Board of Education (current $110 million budget), service as board chairman and corporate treasurer of MIHI (non-profit), service on 17 other corporate and non-profit boards of directors, service as business development and administrative services consultant, retail banking, financial services management, contracts administration, and property management.

Linda C. Irvin-Craig

As an interested and involved citizen, I always try to look at the city and county budgets. I managed my own successful, small business for 17 years and have served prior terms, both as a school board member and as a county commissioner. In addition I have managed non-profit budgets, one of which I currently oversee as executive director.

Delmas Knight

Yes, I've reviewed the County Operating Budget. My experience and background is in what I was taught during my school years and in managing my own personal finances for the past 32 years.

Eugene Buddie Morris

Twenty-eight years governmental experience in operations on budgets, planning and layouts, blue prints. Marines, Navy and Army Depot with Headquarters and Service Co.

John L. Schnebly

Yes. I was a member of the Hagerstown City Council from 1989 to 1993. During that period I dealt with budgets in excess of $40 million. I am an executive with a local business and I help prepare its budgets each year. These budgets run several million dollars. I've done post graduate work in finance and accounting.

Paul L. Swartz

Yes. I have a master's degree from West Virginia University and a good number of my classes at the graduate level deal with budget information. I also have had experience with budget formation in directing summer camps (Sinoquipe and Airy). I assisted in the school budget of Washington County. I am responsible for the Hawk Booster Club budget at HCC.

Joseph D. Swope Jr.

Yes, for more than seven years, each year, including the capital improvement budget and educational budget. Bookkeeping, accounting and resource management courses. Warehouse and club management in the military. More than 15 years in retail management and in the private business sector. My past background gives me a strong foundation to address the many competing demands for those dollars.

Sue Tuckwell

Yes. As director of customer relations for the former Potomac Edison Co., I managed a department of 41 people with a budget that exceeded $12 million. I received my master's of business administration from Frostburg State University, and have chaired fund-raising drives for several nonprofit organizations, including a United Way campaign that exceeded the $1.5 million goal.

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