Republican response: Question 3

August 28, 1998

Primary Forums '98

Have you reviewed a copy of the county operating budget in the last three years? Yes or no. What experience or financial background do you have that qualify you to oversee a $100 million-plus budget?


Timothy Allen Bonds

Yes. When I was in the U.S. Army (Europe) my job was to supply a company level unit with parts for vehicles, weapons, and various other items. My budget was set at $123 million during my last fiscal year I was enlisted. My educational background has been towards accounting at both Hagerstown Business College and Frostburg State University.

John P. Corderman

Yes. In the past I have served as a member of the managing board of an association with an annual budget in excess of $120 million. I also believe that governments, like individuals, must live within their means. Spending tax payers money is a public trust that I do not take lightly.


Dennis L. Duffey

Yes. My experience in dealing with a budget stems from receiving a bachelor's degree from Columbia State University in administration. I have been a supervisor at Garden State Tanning and at Corning for the past 10 years. My duties were overseeing cost, quality, production and safety. Sometimes common sense is more valuable than all the degrees in the world.

William M. Hornbarger II

Yes. I completed accounting courses for my degree. I operated my business for four years without debt. It's a matter of not spending more than you make, and not buying unnecessary things that you see no return or profit. The budget is large, but after reviewing each department's proposal each year common sense would guide you how it should be distributed.

Mary L. Kline

Yes, I've seen many county operating budgets in my 26 years with the county, background is six months finance and accounting school in the U.S. Air Force where one six week project was a budget for a military base. Helping with several county budgets and common sense. In a budget, necessity is more important than wants when requesting monies.

John C. Munson

I have a home to maintain which lets me know what other taxpayers are experiencing with the expense of a home.

I am a retired postmaster where I was responsible for the operating budget money, work hours and building expense of an entire post office.

I have built duplex buildings in the past and was responsible for their operation.

John S. Shank

A. Yes

B. I am presently a Washington County Commissioner.

C. Own and manage a livestock and crop farm. President of family construction business.

D. Director - Milk Cooperative Board for 22 years - vice president 5 years (cooperative budget over $5 billion yearly).

E. Director of Maryland State Farm Bureau.

Gregory I. Snook

Yes, weekly; own and operate a family business for 10 years. Currently represent Washington County in New York at our bond rating companies. Have established cash management plan, and debt reduction plans. Review and monitor our monthly investment plans, created long range operation and capital construction plans for the first time in county history.

Andrew P. Thomas

Yes. I have reviewed the budget, and notice that educational increases are disproportionate to the increased costs of providing quality education. Like every working man and woman, I budget my own household and living expenses. I also have fiduciary responsibilities in my job. And like every other newly elected official, I will learn by doing and from asking questions.

Albino J. Trujillo

Yes. The county budget is made up of many budgets that total $100 million plus. I believe my experience in operating my own business, education in business management and reviewing contracts, purchase agreements and payments with the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in Washington, D.C., will assist me in working with county departments on budget matters.

Clint Wiley

Yes. As the owner of New Frontiers Internet Services, a high-tech, fast-paced small business, I have overseen tremendous growth while avoiding debt by eliminating wasteful spending and empowering employees to be decision-makers without fear of interference from management. As a businessperson, I understand that there is not an unlimited source of money.

William J. Wivell

Yes. Additionally, I am a certified public accountant, and hold a master's degree in business administration, and bachelor's and associate's degrees in accounting/business. I also have 12 years of experience in accounting, budget, tax, financial analysis, have prepared formal presentations before regulatory bodies, and have supervised and managed an $80 million tax liability for a local company.

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