Loan guarantees updated for 'Gods and Generals'

August 26, 1998

Hagerstown and Washington County elected officials approved updated loan guarantees for the local filming of the movie "Gods and Generals" on Tuesday night.

The actions allow Antietam Filmworks to draw on the $358,400 raised so far toward the $500,000 bank loan the group needs for pre-production costs, city officials said.

In February, City Council members voted to approve $50,000 in loan guarantees and the Washington County Commissioners voted for $250,000 of loan guarantees.

Officials continue working with private investors to raise the remaining $141,600 as well as more guarantees.

Both elected bodies approved new agreements on Tuesday night in light of only $358,400 being raised so far.

City Finance Director Al Martin said funds were being raised slowly because the effort was run by volunteers with full-time jobs.


Council members approved the new agreement by a 4-0 vote. Councilman Lewis C. Metzner was absent.

The County Commissioners approved the agreement by a 4-1 vote. Commissioner James Wade voted against the agreement.

"I don't think the taxpayers realize that if this movie doesn't happen they would eat the $250,000," Wade said.

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