Letters to the Editor

August 25, 1998

Railroad should help

To the editor:

CSX should be a better corporate citizen. Both Martinsburg and Hagerstown have a long, proud railroad history. The citizens of both communities owe much to the railroads for their growth.

The CEO and Board of Directors at CSX however, also owe these two communities a helping-hand in their attempts to hold on to this important and colorful aspect of their history. CSX needs to show that it is a good corporate citizen by standing together with the city councils of both Martinsburg and Hagerstown in preserving the past for our future generations.

Herbert A. Russell


W.Va. Secretary of State 2000

Judges must be more than technically right

To the editor:

I would like to express my appreciation to the editor for the position of The Herald-Mail concerning the judges' solicitation; it was right on the money.


It is important that matters regarding justice should not just be "technically correct" but morally right, a matter that is sadly missing in politics, and from a layman's standpoint more and more in our justice system.

Anyone who believes that to a client with a pending legal matter which may go before one of the judges are not intimidated by those solicitations has never had a legal issue or is completely naive.

This election for our judgeships is unique in that we the people can elect a person who was not appointed to us. That is great; it is about time. Whomever the voters choose, we can feel we had a hand in the matter. It is my understanding that two of the three gentlemen may be elected in any combination. We are not electing "a team" but singular judges.

Why must it be so plain that one, Gregory Bannon, must run by himself, as an underdog, and on his own campaign momentum, but the other two, Kennedy Boone and Donald Beachley, have combined their efforts as a team. Examine their signs.

I have never met Mr. Bannon face to face, but when I began to contemplate this letter, I phoned his office. He could not immediately talk with me but he did return my phone call, I wonder if the other candidates would take the time to return my phone call. We will see.

He spoke with me most candidly. He made it clear that he would only comment upon his own campaign, and frankly that impressed me very much, I believe him to be capable, intelligent, possessed with common sense, and a good man, in my opinion perfect qualifications for a judge.

While contemplating this letter I read with interest Judge Moylan's commentary letter. Judge Moylan, thanks for your wonderful service to our community, but allow the voters to decide whom they want to serve them, allow each candidate to campaign on their own and because of your esteemed reputation do not add to the "technically correct" voter intimidation.

It is my present thinking to vote for Bannon and let my other vote blank in order to protest intimidation and I believe many others will join me in the primary. I call for everyone to get out and vote, listen to the issues, use your own common sense and vote your heart.

Patrick R. Mayhew


How to roll the R

To the editor:

Dave Barry should have been a student in my French classes at Williamsport High School. He would have learned several tricks to pronounce a proper French "R."

The throaty sound made when one is gargling is a pretty close imitation. Keeping your tongue on the bottom of your mouth pressing against your lower teeth and smiling at the same time, the R sound comes naturally.

Try saying train that way and you've got it. If all fails, pronounce "Challah," the Jewish Sabbath bread, the right way and once again, you can manage Rouen, Metro and even Paris.

Mrs. Harold H. Jacobs


Vote Swartz

To the editor:

Vote September 15 for Paul Swartz for County Commissioner. He is the choice of Diseati family.

Swartz is the best qualified people person for Washington County taxpayers. Vote with my family for Swartz.

Lorraine Diseati


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