Question 2: Republican responses

August 24, 1998


How should county attract higher-paying jobs?


Editor's note: We asked all of the candidates to answer five questions from Herald-Mail editors. Answers were limited to 60 words. Responses that exceeded that were edited.

Timothy Allen Bonds: 1. The County Commissioners need to put together a portfolio of everything Washington County has to offer. i.e. Washington County Regional Airport Flight Schedule, Transportation Companies, and Higher Education Institutions, etc.


2. Find out what types of higher paying jobs Washington County citizens want.

3. Find out what types of higher paying companies support the job criteria.

John P. Corderman: To attract higher-paying jobs it will be necessary to be able to demonstrate an available labor pool to fill higher paying jobs. That is going to require more attention to education at both the public school level as well as the community college level. Our goal should be to produce a highly qualified and motivated pool of men and women.

Dennis L. Duffey: To attract higher-paying jobs, the county needs to upgrade the educational level of its students. By paying more money to the teachers, we can attract a higher quality of educator. The educated leave the county for better positions and more money. A better educated society will be a definite asset in bringing new and better industry into the area.

William M. Hornbarger II: The county needs to decrease debt to show businesses we are a stable and responsible county. We should support quality education because businesses are seeking educated employees to fill jobs. The county needs to stop adding restrictions to businesses if they want to attract businesses. The tax rate also plays a part in why businesses aren't relocating to this area.

Mary L. Kline: Find out what's out there, what type of location is needed and incentive to locate in the county. We also need to remember the businesses that are already here. Businesses need to commit to the county for a number of years, not move in then in four years move out for a better deal.

John C. Munson: Advertise to the business world that the county is doing everything to keep all taxes to a minimum (and do it). Also let them known about the good education system the county has. I do not agree with giving a business tax breaks at the other tax payers expense.

John S. Shank: A. Improve education by correcting the deficiency in the curriculum audit, thus having a higher skilled work force. B. Promote Fort Ritchie with its many high technology facilities. C. Allow only businesses that pay high salaries in government owned business parks. D. Work closely with Allegheny Power to get their High Technology Park developed. E. Teach trades that business demands.

Gregory I. Snook: A. Match state-rebate program for technology related companies that invest in county. B. Continue personal visits with CEO's of high quality companies. C. Continue partnering with state to develop specific training programs for new and expanding companies making employees more valuable. D. Continue county enterprise zones. E. Expand Advanced Technology Center at Hagerstown Community College for incubator type companies.

Andrew P. Thomas: We need effective marketing of our superior geographic location and quality of life to attract industry. Also, I feel that we can better utilize our close proximity to the Port of Baltimore to attract manufacturers with export interests. Finally, our work force needs to be educated through programs that will support industry offering higher paying jobs to locate here.

Albino J. Trujillo: Whether the industry we seek is computer or the Mack Truck/Fairchild type, we'll need help from the state and federal level. We need a county government willing to see beyond itself. We must have a plan to cope with the required land, housing and transportation needs of such growth.

Clint Wiley: We cannot attract high paying jobs without first creating a well-educated, technologically capable work force. Our schools need to be equipped to offer students educational opportunities consistent with the needs and development of the new digital economy. Just-in-time manufacturing and assembly-on-demand are opportunities for well paying jobs that take advantage of our location as a distribution hub.

William J. Wivell: Use experts (Economic Development Commission); provide them with necessary tools, goals, and incentives. Attend trade shows. Use enterprise zones. Focus on strong points - low electricity prices, quality of life, strong labor force, availability of infrastructure, proximity to major metropolitan areas, existence of industrial/technological parks. Provide specialized education. Benchmark. Work with state legislators to reduce regulations and develop Maryland as pro-business.

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