Campaign finances tallied

August 24, 1998|By BRENDAN KIRBY

State Sen. Donald F. Munson has taken a commanding lead in fund-raising over his primary challenger while Democrat Paul D. Muldowney has raised more than $10,000 in his bid to unseat Del. John P. Donoghue.

Munson and Donoghue each face primary challenges in September, but according to campaign finance reports filed last week, the two find themselves in different positions than their challengers.

Munson, R-Washington, re-ported raising $5,865 since Nov. 10, 1997, mostly through tickets to fund-raisers. He also collected $1,675 from political action committees.

The fund-raising activities, after spending $4,306, leave Munson with $15,207 in the bank with less than a month to go until the Sept. 15 primary.


Victoria "Vikki" Nelson, a Washington County Republican Central Committee member who is trying to upset Munson, reported raising $4,300 and spending $3,813, with $487 cash on hand.

Nelson raised $2,600 through loans she made to her campaign, and she said she is willing to loan her campaign more money in order raise the $10,000 to $12,000 she thinks is necessary to wage a credible challenge.

"I see it as a real challenge," Nelson said. "I certainly have done my homework over the years. However, I'm encouraged because I believe there are those who rise to the occasion."

Nelson said she will continue to look for contributions from Republican voters in the county and would take money from political action committees, although she acknowledged it will be difficult to attract PAC money as a challenger.

In the race for the District 2C delegate seat, which covers most of Hagerstown, Donoghue finds himself in the unusual position of trailing a primary challenger in campaign resources.

His report shows him taking in $22,099 since last November, mostly from a Christmas fund-raiser, Donoghue said. About $5,900 came from political action committees.

After expenses, Donoghue, D-Washington, has only $2,375 heading into the final stretch of the primary campaign.

But he said he is not concerned.

Unlike many incumbents, Donoghue does not keep campaign contributions from one election to the next.

"I spend as I go. Typically, when I'm done with a campaign, the money goes to charity," he said.

Muldowney reported raising $10,500. About half of that - $5,000 - came from loans he made to his campaign.

That gives Muldowney $7,256 in the bank, after spending $3,244.

Muldowney said he actually has much more money, since an Aug. 12 fund-raiser fell right at the reporting deadline. He said the fund-raiser brought in an additional $5,000 since he filed the report.

Del. D. Bruce Poole, D-Washington, who has no primary opponents but faces a potentially difficult race in November, reported raising $19,440 during the last period, in addition to funds remaining from his last campaign.

Poole spent $18,698 and had debts of $10,071. He had a balance of $17,590.

Christopher B. Shank, one of three Republicans vying for the District 2B seat, had a balance of $1,608, while David M. Russo had $1,375. Republican Seth E. Wilson signed an affidavit saying he will not spend more than $1,000.

Del. Robert A. McKee, R-Washington, who is unopposed for re-election in District 2A, reported raising $2,085 and spending $1,080.

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