Mail Call

August 20, 1998

"Yes, I'm calling about the slum they call Mitchell Avenue. The street would be a better place to live in if they would get all the druggies off of there and they would put a leash on their kids instead of having them running out in the middle of the street. And everybody clean up their yard. You know, pick up your trash once in a while, mow your grass once a week and fix their place up. Thank you."

"I believe Mr. Bowers has used the wrong colors for his campaign signs. He has used black and white where he should have used red and white, because red is where he put the county - in the red - with his water and sewer. I hope people remember all this."

"I will certainly be glad when the hysteria over our President of the United States, Bill Clinton is finished. He is the only president in the history of the United States that has been dogged by a special council who initially investigated one thing and then turned around and investigated the whole presidency. I say, Starr should have kept his nose out of this thing. He has done more irreversible harm to the country of the United States than any one individual in the history of the United States. Thank you."


"Washington County citizens beware. Ron Bowers is known as the water and sewer king. Linda Irvin-Craig is known as the water and sewer queen."

"Uh, my Mom thinks that it's really stupid that so many people are running for office in the county commissioners' race. I think it's pretty stupid, too. And I'm also sick of seeing people with vegetables on the front page of the paper, like five out of seven days of the week. Thank you."

"Hello. I'm really glad Bill Breichner, Ron Bowers, Pat Crowther, Andrew Humphreys, Linda Craig, John Schnevley and Sue Tuckwell are Democrats. Now I can do my part to keep them out of the general election by voting against them in the primaries."

"Now, let's figure this out. Everybody knows, and can't deny it, that Washington County has one of the poorest school systems in the country. High dropout rate, high absentee rate from the teachers, very low performance. Yet the board spends a lot of money on travel, the administration wants a new administration building. I say, let's help the education system. Instead of pay raises, let's fire the dumb suckers."

"The news stories about the Good Humor/Breyer's strike vote are very misleading. The vote on Aug. 3 was by a show of hands and many people didn't raise their hands. How could it be unanimous? The vote on Aug. 16, also by a show of hands. Many weren't raised at this vote either. The union is using intimidation toward the employees and bullying tactics toward the company. The company's offer was very fair and better than most factory jobs in this county. The company offered a 4 percent raise that will give a four-year low-end employee, will make $11.21 an hour. Not bad for packing ice cream. Matching 401 K funds and six personal days, among other items. The union's officials want to see us on the street where many of us do not want to be. Thank you very much."

"Hey, how do all you Bubba Bill's supporters feel now that you found out that your fair-haired boy has been lying to you - I repeat, lying to you - for seven months. Where you gonna go now?"

"Bill Clinton, liar, liar, pants on fire."

"I'm calling about the president's speech the other night. His apology was terribly, terribly pathetic. He expressed more anger, in my opinion, to being caught, and to finally having to own up to what he actually did do, and realizing that he had lied to the nation. He had to come forth again and this time really, really tell the truth. I think he's just very, very angry that he was caught, that he had to apologize and his anger clearly came across and his pathetic little six-minute speech - again blaming Ken Starr for wasting 40 million dollars - I'm sorry, Ken Starr didn't waste that money. President Clinton wasted that money, because he lied. For all these months he has lied, lied, lied."

"This is in reference to the campaign letter from judge Don Beachley and Kenny Boone. The only thing this does is make the judiciary system look afoul and make the court's reputation look real bad. These fellows are dumb. This really stinks. Think about it. Thank you."

"OK, bottom line is, I'm a 37-year-old, white male, according to society, middle-class. Call him Bill, call him Bubba, call him what you want. A president is still a man. The man made a mistake. It's up to Hilary and Chelsea for him to apologize. The rest of us? He's doing a hell of a job. Let him alone."

"Can someone tell me why people keep their dogs in cages? I know some experts say it's a good idea to use a cage when training a dog and you are not at home. But this doesn't mean to have your dog live his life in a cage. Why do some people do this? Why do they bother having a pet? Can anyone explain?"

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