Thumbs up, thumbs down

August 16, 1998

Thumbs upTo Dennis Frye, stepping down as president of the Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites to write a Civil War history book and to get married. Best of luck with both, sir.

Thumbs upTo all young exhibitors of farm animals at Washington County's Ag Expo who raise livestock for the competitions, knowing it will go to market soon after. It's a tough lesson for these hard-working youngsters to learn so early.

thumbs downTo Maryland state officials, for somehow managing to be $200,000 over budget on a new Hagerstown courthouse, before the first shovelful of dirt has been turned over. How?

thumbs downTo Don Hewitt, executive producer of TV's "60 Minutes" for offering Candace Bergen, who played ficticious journalist "Murphy Brown" on TV, a spot on the show, further blurring the line between entertainment and news.


thumbs downTo the Shepherd College fraternity brothers who responded to a crackdown on under-age drinking by asking police how long it would last. Sounds like it's past time to sober up, guys.

Thumbs upTo West Virginia State Police, for their purchase of RoadSpikes, a device to slowly deflate the tires of a vehicle being pursued, thus avoiding the dangers of a high-speed chase. To top it off, they're made in West Virginia.

thumbs downTo U.S. Rep. Dan Burton, for his continuing attempt to inject politics into the investigation of campaign-financing irregularities. If you're concerned, sir, back reform legislation.

Thumbs upTo Virginia families of two babies switched at birth, who've agreed, without legal help, to keep the children where they are for now. How refreshing that these folks are thinking about the kids, instead of themselves.

Thumbs upTo the Hagerstown Pony League team whose inspired play won its members a trip this weekend to the 47th annual Pony League World Series in Washington, Pa. Good job.

thumbs downTo May E. Smith of Hagerstown, who agreed to care for an elderly woman, then stopped because she didn't feel well. The woman's emaciated body was found three weeks after her death. Even a dog deserves better than that.

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