Mail Call

August 16, 1998

"This is to the general public. Do you have someone in your life that you always thought of as a friend who has lost a spouse? Ask yourself, 'Have I called to see how he/she is doing? Have I gone to visit just to talk about all the fun things we used to do in years past? Have I asked this person to dinner for I know that you eat all your meals alone? Have I gone to sit with this person in the evening because I know that their days are long?' If you see yourself in this letter and have done none of the above, then you know nothing about being a friend."

"If the mayor of New York City can straighten that mess up that it was, surely there ought to be someone in Hagerstown that can straighten up this mess. If they have to be hardnosed or whatever let them do it."


"Again Jason Myers is in the paper with all his big words and nonsense. It takes a dictionary for the normal person to read and understand his column. 'Subsumed,' 'pensive with metaphysical meditation', 'mafioso', 'rabid performance', 'he alchemizes the cliches', 'benefit becomes a bane', 'there are several inequities and implausibilities that hinder the movie,' 'this voyeurism places us,' etc., etc., are just some of the things that he's written about in this column. He needs to use words that the average Joe can understand and not try to be a $10 word user who must carry a dictionary around all the time himself and he surely must spend hours looking up words to use in his column. I'm a college graduate and I have trouble understanding what he means by some of these phrases and actually had to look up some of them and still didn't understand what he was trying to say."

"Yes, the Ten Commandments should be displayed in front of the courthouse. Why in the world would anyone question that anyway?"

"I cannot believe what I'm reading in the Mail today in the Hagerstown paper, that the Washington County Board of Education wants to build itself a new facility when we still have students who go to Washington County schools that are not air-conditioned. Let's take care of our students first. The adults can make do."

"Hi Mail Call. I'm reading The Daily Mail of Aug. 12 and yes, Mrs. Rutledge, your husband was a fine man and so are you but the Ten Commandments do not need to be put in front of the courthouse. Everyone has their own religion. Thank you. No plaque!"

"Yes Mail Call. In reference to the Ten Commandments being put in front of the courthouse. Why would anyone want them there in the first place? Is it because usually someone in court has committed a sin or because they just need religion? You will have hundreds of lawsuits because of this and people feeling that their rights have been infringed upon by something like this especially if someone is an atheist. How many jurors just might be influenced by seeing the commandment of 'Thou Shall Not Steal' just before they are to judge an offender of burglary, bank robbery or thief in general? Let the Commandments remain in church where they belong. Sorry, but this is not the place for the Ten Commandments."

"This is in reference to the front page article in the Hagerstown Daily Mail of Aug. 12, 'School Board may consider building new central office.' Well, if the School Board's going to improve test scores by building a central office, great. If the School Board is going to make class sizes smaller by building a central office, great. If the School Board is going to attract new teachers to our area by building a new central office, great. But what does having a new central office have to do with the important things that are supposed to go on in the school system? How will this benefit the kids?"

"If you're looking for a new pharmacy, check out the Magnolia Square Pharmacy on the corner of Franklin Street and Walnut Street. The people there are very helpful and so nice."

"Not only would a copy of the Ten Commandments be appropriately placed in front of the Washington County Courthouse for the County Commissioners' consumption but a copy of the Lord's Prayer would also be appropriate. The County Commissioners should particularly pay attention to the part that says, 'deliver us from evil.' Thank you, Mail Call."

"I just wanted to call in and say congratulations to the party that called in the article about the restaurant in Sharpsburg. Tell them to keep on calling because this poor man deserves a break and these people in town should wake up and let somebody live a little. This is awful. I think it's just terrible what they've done to this man and he's an asset to this town. We've got two beer taverns and no restaurant and this is what it is all about."

"I'm hoping the voters realize that we're getting close to the primaries and if we want to be smart, we do not want Schaefer or Ron Bowers back in office again for the best interest of Washington County. I think we should have a whole new slate of County Commissioners and definitely not put Schaefer back in office."

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