Campaign notes

August 10, 1998

Few tools in politics carry as much punch as a snappy slogan.

Some long outlive the candidates they advertise. Read: "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too."

But they can be disastrous if they don't seem to fit.

"In your heart, you know he's right," was Barry Goldwater's famous invitation to voters during the 1964 presidential election. The only problem was, when voters checked their hearts, they decided he was wrong.

With weeks before the September primary in Maryland, many candidates have trotted out their own slogans. Based on political advertisements and other campaign literature, the Herald-Mail presents a game to match the slogan with the candidate:

1 "We Cannot Afford Four More Years."

2 "A Wise choice for County Commissioner."

3 "She Makes Sense."

4 "For Our County's Sake."

5 "A Man of Action He Gets Things Done."


6 "Leadership, for a change."

7 "It's time for a change."

8 "Making a Difference."

9 "A Different Kind of Democrat."

10 "New Leadership for Washington County."

A - Ronald L. Bowers, County Commissioner incumbent.

B - William M. Breichner, County Commissioner candidate.

C - Sue Hecht, House of Delegates incumbent.

D - Andrew R. Humphreys, County Commissioner candidate.

E - Terry McGuire, candidate for Maryland governor.

F - Chris Shank, County Commissioner candidate.

G - Paul Swartz, County Commissioner candidate.

H - Albino J. Trujillo, County Commissioner candidate

I - Sue Tuckwell, County Commissioner candidate.

J - William J. Wivell, County Commissioner candidate.

Answers are listed at the end of campaign notes.

Answers are listed at the end of campaign notes.

Fund-raiser set

Alex X. Mooney, a candidate for the Maryland Senate in District 3, said he and District 3 House of Delegates candidate Joseph R. Bartlett will hold a joint fund-raiser in Frederick, Md., on Aug. 21 featuring former Lt. Col. Oliver North.

Tickets to the general reception cost $35 per person and $60 per couple. Admission to a special VIP reception, with photographs with North, cost $125 per person and $225 per couple. For information, call 301-620-0200.

Mooney is challenging incumbent Sen. John W. Derr, R-Frederick/Washington, in the Sept. 15 primary election. Bartlett is seeking one of three House seats in the district, which covers the western part of Frederick County and the northeast section of Washington County.

Deadline nears

The deadline for registering to vote in time for the primary election is Aug. 17. On that day, the Washington County Board of Elections Supervisors, in the County Office Building at 33-35 W. Washington St., will be open until 9 p.m. to take new voter registrations or changes in existing registrations.

Forum planned

The Washington County Republican Central Committee is sponsoring a forum for Republican candidates who have filed for County Commissioner and the Republican Central Committee.

The forum will be at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 18 in room C11 at Hagerstown Community College. The event is free and the public is invited to attend.

Interviews being broadcast on radio

WHAG-AM (1410) will broadcast a series of County Commissioner candidate interviews, starting Aug. 31 and continuing until Sept. 11. The interviews will air between 4:05 and 5 p.m. each weekday afternoon, with three separate segments each day.

- Brendan Kirby, Guy Fletcher and Matthew Bieniek

Game answers: 1H, 2B, 3I, 4D, 5A, 6J, 7G, 8C, 9E, 10F

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