At least 40 apply for city personnel post

August 09, 1998|By JULIE E. GREENE

At least 40 people applied for the personnel manager opening for the City of Hagerstown as of late Friday afternoon, City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman said Friday.

Applications were due Friday for the position, which has been vacant since Eric Marburger left on July 10 to become human resources manager for El Paso County, Colorado.

Austin Abraham, the city's project coordinator, has been acting personnel manager since Marburger left.

Zimmerman said more applications might come in late Friday through the mail, which he would receive on Monday.

The applications will be reviewed by Zimmerman and some senior management employees, who will select candidates for interviews. The recommended candidate will be brought to the City Council.

According to the city's code and charter, it is Zimmerman's job to appoint a personnel manager with the advice and consent of the council, he said.


Zimmerman said he hoped to select someone in September with the new personnel manager starting in October or early November.

The position was advertised to have a salary range from $41,048 to $52,939, he said. As a department manager, the personnel manager must live within city limits.

The personnel manager's duties include negotiating with unions, managing personnel benefits, providing support services for employees, participating in the budget process, overseeing the employee safety program and administering personnel systems, training programs and the tuition reimbursement program, according to Zimmerman.

A new responsibility will be to provide staff leadership for the new pension system for fire and police employees, Zimmerman said. The personnel manager will chair the pension system's committee.

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