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Chief issues sidewalk warnings

August 06, 1998

SMITHSBURG - Smithsburg Police Chief Vincent Du Cellier told the mayor and council Tuesday that he was still issuing warnings to residents who are complying with state and local laws prohibiting them from parking on sidewalks, or blocking sidewalks with their cars.

Du Cellier said he has been talking to residents in an educational campaign, explaining they can't block the right of way on sidewalks.

He said soon the town will begin issuing citations to violators.

Du Cellier said he's already received some complaints from residents who say their driveways are big enough to handle their vehicles.

One resident of the Whispering Hills subdivision who has three cars and a driveway that will only hold two said he wondered if an exception could be made for people like himself who are complying with the law the best they can.


The man said even though one of his cars blocks a good portion of the sidewalk, there is enough room for pedestrians to walk around without having to walk into the street. He said he didn't want to park on the street because heavy construction equipment uses the street, and when cars park on both sides there isn't enough room left for two-way traffic.

Mayor Tommy Bowers told the man he understood his problem, but the council couldn't ask the police chief to allow any resident to break the law. He said he would ask the subdivision developer to make construction equipment drivers use another, out-of-the-way entrance.

Du Cellier agreed to talk with the resident after the meeting.

- Terry Talbert

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