Briefs from Sharpsburg

August 04, 1998

Lack of quorum prevents action

SHARPSBURG - The Sharpsburg Town Council could not take formal action during August's monthly meeting on Monday night because there wasn't a quorum.

For a quorum at least four voting council members must be present, said Vice Mayor Sidney Gale.

Mayor George Kesler and council members Hal Spielman and Russ Weaver were absent.

With Kesler absent, Gale had to chair the meeting, so he couldn't vote, according to the town charter.

That left three voting council members present - Ralph Hammond, Matt Ryan and Denise Troxell.

Getting rid of weeds no simple matter

SHARPSBURG - Getting rid of weeds in the brick sidewalks along Sharpsburg's Main Street is not a simple matter.

Sharpsburg Vice Mayor Sidney Gale said Monday night that a state permit would be needed just to spray Roundup on the weeds.


Permits are needed to spray herbicides on sidewalks because the herbicide could eventually make its way to the Chesapeake Bay, Gale said during the Town Council's monthly meeting.

Officials ask that trash not be dumped

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg officials and residents are asking people not to dump trash in the creek or on the street because stormwater carries trash to the creek.

Jan Wetterer said there were clumps of cigarette butts in the creek behind the 100 block of East Main Street as if someone had dumped ashtrays into the creek.

During Monday night's monthly Town Council meeting, town officials said the trash might have ended up there from people dumping trash in the streets.

Councilwoman Denise Troxell said she's seen at least one person empty an ashtray into the street.

Dry spell stresses grass, new trees

SHARPSBURG - The recent dry spell is "stressing out" grass and new trees planted in Sharpsburg as part of the Main Street renovation, said Town Councilman Matt Ryan.

Town officials advised homeowners to water the trees while they contact the Maryland State Highway Administration to see what can be done to water and prune the trees.

Ryan said some of the trees planted this past spring are brown on top.

Vice Mayor Sidney Gale said the state has a one-year warranty on the trees so if they die, the state will have to pay to replace them.

Termites also have been found in the mulch around some of the new trees, Gale said during Monday night's Town Council meeting.

The termite problem will be treated with spikes in the mulch that attract the termites, Gale said. The termites would then carry the poison back to their nests.

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