Sun shines on Hager Frontier Craft Days

August 02, 1998

Frontier DaysBy TERRY TALBERT / Staff Writer

photo: MIKE CRUPI / staff photographer [enlarge]

The craftsmen and the visitors at the Jonathan Hager Frontier Craft Days celebration in Hagerstown City Park off Key Street in Hagerstown on Saturday couldn't have asked for a better day.

The canopies of trees cast dappled shade over the park as people strolled winding paths lined with wares of artisans. Blacksmiths and potters practiced their art. Music sounded in the background. The smells from food vendors carried on the clear air.

Kelli Meyer of Hagerstown walked through the park with daughters Erica, 9, and Erin, 6. She was carrying a large cup of fresh-squeezed lemonade.


"It's our first time here," she said. "It's just wonderful. It's a beautiful, relaxing day. There are lots of nice crafts and food."

Erica said she came to see the crafts. She was going to buy a birdhouse. "She's doing her room in birdhouses," her mom said. Erin said she was impressed most with the live music.

Justin Drobisch, 10, of Westminster, played in the stream that meanders through the park with brother Bryan, 8, and friend Janelle Myers, 8. They were gathering crayfish, which they said they'd put back later. Debbie Drobisch watched the kids from the bank.

"I have a stand here," Debbie Drobisch said. "I do decorative painting." She said it was her sixth year at the show. "I like letting the kids play here. It's a nice setting, a relaxing show," she said.

Bob and Millie Jones of Loudon County, Va., had just finished touring the dozens of craft booths, and were heading back to their car. "We didn't buy anything today," Millie Jones said. "This is where I usually start my Christmas shopping."

The couple said this was their third or fourth time at the two-day craftfest. "We love it here," Millie Jones said. "It's beautiful, and the people are so friendly."

Linda Kershner of Hagerstown was at the booth of her favorite craftsman, an artist who paints on china and porcelain. He sells handpainted tiles, jewelry, plates, and things such as tea sets.

"I come here every year and I always look him up," Kershner said. "I've bought pieces every year, for relatives and myself." She was looking for a necklace to complete a jewelry set.

As visitors shopped, ladies walked by in period dress to the thudding sound of hooves coming from a passing horse-drawn buggy.

Jonathan Hager Frontier Craft Days will continue from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. today.

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