Reid refuses tests again

July 30, 1998|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Albert Reid last week again refused to take medical tests that could have helped determine whether he is competent to stand trial in the murders of his estranged wife and her daughter, officials said.

"We took him to the hospital last Friday as per the court order for the specified tests, and he refused," Franklin County Sheriff Robert Wollyung said Wednesday.

"I have informed the appropriate authorities of the results at Chambersburg Hospital on Friday," said Michael J. Toms, Reid's attorney in the competency proceedings. He declined to confirm that Reid refused to be tested.

Reid was supposed to undergo an MRI and an electroencephalogram under the court order. Wollyung said Reid did not resist deputies.


Public Defender Robert J. Trambley, one of Reid's attorneys in the murder case, said Wednesday he had not been informed about what happened at the hospital.

"It doesn't help us to find out whether he had any physical or organic problems that would affect his competency," Trambley said. He and co-counsel Stephen D. Kulla requested the tests because Reid was uncooperative.

Judge John R. Walker ordered the tests at a competency hearing on July 14 because Reid refused to sign a consent form when taken to the hospital for tests in June. Reid said then that he would not submit to any test requiring him to ingest anything, or involving a needle.

"Based on the judge's statements from the bench at his last hearing, this was his last chance to take the tests," Trambley said of Reid.

Reid is scheduled for trial on Oct. 5. He is charged in the shooting deaths of Carla Reid, 36, and Deidra Moore, 14, at their Hamilton Township Home.

Walker had not issued a ruling on Reid's competency as of late Wednesday and is now on vacation. He previously ruled Reid competent after a May 12 hearing, but ordered a new hearing because Toms was not present at an earlier psychiatric examination.

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