More praise handed out for savings bond poster

July 22, 1998|By SHEILA HOTCHKIN

An informal awards ceremony at E. Russell Hicks Middle School on Tuesday continued the celebration of Jessica Gonder's second-place finish in the national 1998 Savings Bond Poster Contest.

Rick Greiner, from the Bureau of Public Debt's Baltimore office, presented the principal of Gonder's school with the Liberty Bell Award.

"Hopefully in future years, you'll get your students to participate in this program," he said to Principal Deirdre Shumaker.

Jessica's family, a number of Board of Education members and the superintendent of Washington County schools sat in the classroom and watched the presentation.

"I'm not the parent, but I certainly feel like the proud parent," Shumaker said, holding the trophy.

Schools Superintendent Herman G. Bartlett Jr. said it is important for him to congratulate students on their achievements and tell them he is proud of them.


The award is significant for the school as well, Bartlett said. "When they win, it certainly showcases what our students can do and are doing," he said.

Gonder's name also appeared in the U.S. Congressional Record on June 25.

The poster depicted an eagle, with savings bonds clutched in its talons, flying to a nest made of leaves and more bonds. Several eggs sit in the nest, bearing such labels as "retirement," "vacation" and "education."

Gonder also took first place in the state in the 1997 competition, although she did not win any national awards that year.

She will not be eligible for next year's contest, which is limited to students in grades four through six, but her younger sister Katie promised to carry on the tradition.

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