Mail Call

July 19, 1998

This is to tell Harry David happy birthday on Friday, July 17. Happy birthday, Harry David."

"Well, Mail Callers, the crime rate in the City of Hagerstown has fallen dramatically. The only problem with this is that it has nothing to do with law enforcement, the police, public money or anything even close. The main reason that the crime rate has fallen in the City of Hagerstown as well as in many other geographic areas is the booming economy led by the Republican Congress. In addition, City Councilman Bill Breichner's statement concerning the ice rink is an absolute farce which flies in the face of the taxpayers. Councilman Breichner, don't attempt to prove yourself right at the expensive of the taxpayers of the City of Hagerstown."

"Can someone please tell me why we need so many phone books nowadays? It used to be one was sufficient. I bet we've received at least four in the last three months."


"This message is for the person who was complaining about the SPCA putting the cat to sleep. I used to work for the SPCA as a temp and I can tell you that they used to get in sometimes six or seven cats a day. They cannot keep all of them alive. They cannot find good homes for them all. There's too many of them and if you wanted a good home for your pet cat you should have been looking for one yourself."

"Good morning, Mail Call. Looking at Friday evenings Daily Mail of the eight handsome young men sitting there in their Roy Rogers cowboy outfits belonging to the Roy Rogers Club in 1948, I remember as a child, we all had these outfits but none of us went to school later on in life to shoot up the school as we're seeing today. Now this might be a good way to find out if the paper is for or against gun ownership but it's not the gun that kills people, it's the people that's holding the guns. I know none of these children, but I doubt if any of them went to school that I know or when I was growing up in the Hagerstown area, to shoot up the school. Something's happened and it's not the guns. Maybe it's because we force the children to say a prayer every morning and that's why they're becoming angry. I hope you print this. It's a little unusual but we'll find out. Thank you."

"To the uninformed member of the North High Band. South High Band has not even started it's summer practices and we do not practice on Sundays. You might have seen the Bluecoats practicing. They were given permission to use our school on one of their stops. Please check out your information and don't drag us into your band's problems."

"I'm one of the senior citizens that comes in on the bus to eat dinner and I was wondering why the Commission on Aging, allows a woman with a child to work there and who brings this child with her and let's this child run around everywhere and she gets paid for working while it's running around? If it gets hurt, who's going to pay for it - the Commission on Aging or who?"

"Hey, how great is it that Hagerstown's going to try and drop millions of dollars into saving the Roundhouse, an old eyesore that's full of toxic chemicals that should have been destroyed years ago and has been a hazard for years. It's not exactly in the nicest part of town, I wonder how many tourists are going to see it? Why don't they open the Central Chemical building next? I hear it's a wonderful landmark."

"I'm an older person and I want to say that Jonathan Street and the drugs there are nothing compared to the drug problem in Smithsburg. There are drug dealers and users everywhere out here and I'm getting more concerned as time goes on. We have them in a development or two here and they are in just about every other household there and even the kids are using them and selling them. I remember 20 or 30 years ago when you barely heard of any drugs here and now you can't walk down the street without seeing them being used or sold. They are being used in our local bar, they're being used at the local pizza place and even on the school properties, the carnival grounds and balls fields. We have called our local police about this problem and it just goes in one ear and out the other because he says he doesn't see it or doesn't catch anyone. Maybe if he'd get out of his car instead of setting up radar from his car, he'd see what's going on right under his nose. We need help out here and we need it now! A concerned senior citizen and lifelong resident."

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