Mail Call

July 15, 1998

"This is to the bunny thief. Show yourself, you coward!"

"Yes, I'd like to know if there are any contractors out there that are looking for some work? I'm the lady that had them doing my house and the man had that electrical accident and fell and died and now they are refusing to finish the work for me. I'm very sorry about the accident and I feel terrible about it but there was nothing that I could do about it and I've got to get this work done. My number is 301-791-1775 if anyone is interested. Thank you."

"I'd like to wish my godson Robert Smoot a happy birthday on July 18. Love, Nanny and Pappy."

"Hello, Mail Call. I'm getting sick and tired of hearing these Republicans jumping on President Clinton and why he don't stop the drugs and this and that. Why didn't Eisenhower stop it? Why didn't Nixon stop it? Why didn't the great President Reagan stop it? Why didn't the great President Bush stop it? It's just as much now as it was then only the Republicans didn't talk about it when they were in and now all they want to do is downgrade President Clinton. It's so sickening to hear them gripe about this and that so why don't they just shut their mouth and go on about their business?"


"Hi, Mail Call. I'm wondering if half of the drivers in town know how to use proper signals or even if they know how to use I mean, you go to cross the street and there's traffic coming down the street and nobody has a turn signal on. They just keep on going and they turn the corner. You don't know if they're gonna turn or run over you or what. I mean, I wish they would read up on their driver's manual and know that turn signals are on the car for a reason and not just to look at. Thank you."

"Hi, Mail Call. This is to the voters of Washington County. In the 1994 election you failed to elect Paul Swartz. Don't let this happen again in 1998. Vote for Paul Swartz, he will make a good County Commissioner."

"Hi. It would be great if our banks, all owned by big out-of-state banks, could help save our heritage and the Western Maryland Roundhouse and put the hub back in Hub City name. Thank you."

"Yes. This is to the person that responded to the teachers and he said that people need to stop busting on teachers. Well, I got news for him. Evidently they can't read because what it said in the paper and Mail Call was that it was either Wisconsin or a Southern state. So evidently, whoever is teaching him is not doing a very good job. Thank you."

"Yeah, today is Monday, July 13 and I just called the Hagerstown Water Department to try and get the river data and all I got on there was some clown trying to be funny which he wasn't. We need that old guy back on there that was on before and the report I'm getting on Monday is clear back to last Friday. What's wrong with those people over there? Are they getting lazy or what? Thanks."

"Hello, all you Mail Call readers. Anybody living in the Boonsboro area and the vicinity of Della Lane, we are missing a Dalmatian. She's a little over two years old, goes by the name of Julia and if anyone finds her or has seen her or has any information about her we'd like to know. It's Monday evening and she broke loose about 6:30 p.m. and we are unable to find her. We have a lot of kids that are very upset and are attached to this dog and are out combing the neighborhood now looking for her. So if anyone has anything to help lead to the finding of this dog, would you please give us a call at 301-432-2230. Thank you."

"This is to the individual that thinks the drug problems are just going to go away. It's not going to go away, it's here to stay so let's deal with it. Let's deal with it in terms that we can all pay for and get away from this Neanderthal approach to how to get rid of the drug problem. The way to get rid of it is to start addressing it and not putting it on the back burner and denying that it's there. The want is there, it's there and it's going to be there for a long time. This is just as similar a situation as existed back in the 30s with Prohibition. The people wanted it, it's going to be there, you can't beat it so you might as well get used to it."

"Hello, Mail Call. I have a question. Why is it so hard for parents to trust us kids? I'm a 16-year-old and a well-rounded good kid but it seems like my parents think the worst. I know they care and don't want anything to happen. That's great. I have parents that care. I love you, Mom and Dad."

"I would like to see this Roundhouse that everyone is talking about but I don't know where it is. Could someone please tell me exactly where I should drive to see this place? Thank you."

"On July 8, I was preparing to leave on vacation and was picking up some last-minute items from the South End Shopping Center CVS store and as I was leaving I had dropped an envelope containing my vacation money. When I realized I had lost it, I returned to CVS and left my name and phone number in case anyone found it. Upon my return from my trip I was surprised to here that someone had found my bank envelop and wanted to return it. This honest individual, her name is Gerri Canfield is to be commended for her honesty. Thanks again, Gerri."

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