Letters to the Editor

July 13, 1998

Blues Fest momentum rolls on

To the editor:

How can one attempt to thank the myriad of wonderful people who contributed their time, energy and financial support to the success of the 1998 Western Maryland Blues Fest, without risking unintentional omission of well-deserved recognition?

That said, it is with deep and sincere gratitude that the executive committee of the 1998 Western Maryland Blues Fest, once again thanks the scores of local businesses who underwrote the enhanced scope and, therefore, cost of this year's Blues Fest. Without their financial stake in the event, the Blues Fest literally would not occur. We were happy to welcome many new faces to the ranks of our sponsorship faithful.

We hope you each will continue the association. The executive committee would like to especially thank Citicorp Credit Services, Inc. for its sponsorship and coordination of the hugely successful "Kids Jam Too!" activity area.


While financial assistance to the festival is extremely important, the community celebration that is at the heart of the Blues Fest could not be realized without the advocacy and active support of the Mayor and City Council. Equally as important are the energy and dynamism of City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman and the various city department heads and employees who make the logistical planning, execution, and clean-up of his event seem so effortless. Thanks in this regard go especially to Capt. Hart, Rodney Tissue, Tim Young, John Nelson, Wayne Smith, Jim Grafton and Ric Kipe. last but not least, the Blues Fest Executive Committee owes a great debt of thanks to the hard work of City Public Information Manager, Karen Giffin, and her assistants Dutch Sanger and Pat Mackereth.

I personally would like to thank each member of the executive committee for their devotion and oft-unsung dedication to this event. For many, Blues Fest Committee participation is a year-long effort beginning shortly after the end of the previous year's festival. Every year, key contributions of several executive committee members seem to stand out in my memory. This year, I would like to applaud the efforts of our tireless Fundraising Committee Chair, Julie Donat of Home Federal Savings Bank. In addition to ably gathering enough sponsorships to cover our ambitious event expansion, Julie was also largely responsible for directing the artistic efforts of Icon Graphic's Keith Baumbach and Robin Lyles in the completion of this years' fantastic festival program. Likewise, Marketing Committee Co-Chairs, Cindy Garland of Antietam Cable and committee-newcomer Laird Bush, extended word of the festival more broadly than ever before, especially in the nearby metropolitan markets. The godsend of Laird's infectious humor and "can-do" spirit in overseeing the creation of Festival promotional items were also noteworthy. Citicorp employees, Laura Likely and Jo Burdine, as ably assisted by the Arts Council's Barbara Bland, deserve special mention for spearheading the expansion of the 1998 children's activities area.

Lastly, I would like to personally thank Blues Fest Vice-Chair David Fitzwater and Volunteer Coordinator Todd Bolton for their dedication and assistance in a wide variety of contexts, but especially for their service with me on the programming committee. And let's not forget our emcee, Larry "B", who once again contributed his voice and spread his enthusiasm over the entire event.

Finally, our greatest thanks go out to all local residents and out-of-town visitors who attended the 1998 Western Maryland Blues Fest. Your support makes all the meetings worthwhile. Consider spreading the word now about Blues Fest '99, which is slated for June 4-6, 1999. If nothing else, the success of the Western Maryland Blues Fest shows that with teamwork and a positive spirit, even the improbable is possible.

Carl W. Disque, Chairman Executive Committee

Western Md Blues Fest

Seeds for tobacco

To the editor:

In response to the request from S.L. Miller, Rouzerville, Pa., for sources for tobacco seed, here are two:

Henry Field's Seed & Nursery Company

415 North Burnett

Shenandoah, Iowa 51602-0001

Source for Burley No. 21 Tobacco and,

Seeds of Change

P.O. Box 15700

Santa Fe, N.M. 87506-5700

Source for Tobacco, Scherazi.

E. J. Hamilton

Gapland, Md.

Taxes too low?

To the editor:

If you feel money can buy everything, if you feel your taxes are too low, if you don't want to be burdened with a comfortable net income - re-elect the present County Commissioners and Board of Education.

They'll relieve you of your burden.

I've been reading that during World War II engineers of the U.S. Ninth Army built nearly two dozen bridges over the Roer River in western Germany in only four days. If only we had men like that here now to bridge the streams at the Greensburg transfer station and on Rowe Road between Itnyre and Smithsburg-Leitersburg Roads. Of course, their bridges wouldn't be monuments to employment.

R. H. Babylon


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