Mail Call

July 10, 1998

"I would like to see the person that was talking about the older people and that only the good die young. Where would they be if it hadn't been for the grandparents? This does show that some, now just some of them, haven't the sense God gave them."

"This is a question for all you expert collectors out there. I have a Madame' Butterfly plate that is made of something that looks like white marble, is in 3-D and it is quite heavy. It is totally white in color and has a brass disk on the back with some information and the artist's signature and it is also numbered. I purchased this plate in California in 1981 at an auction and have had it stored in my closet since then. I have inquired to several antique dealers in the area in the past and none of them have ever seen one or knows anything about it. Is there anyone out there that knows something about this plate or do they know where I can find out about it? I will go to the library if I know what to look for but I have no clue as to where to start. Thank you for any help that anyone can give me."


"Hello Mail Call. I am extremely pleased with the number of good and qualified candidates for County Commissioner. The citizens of the county now have the opportunity to dissolve the 'good old boy' clique that we have had to endure for many years. We need leaders who possess good common sense and who know how to live within their means and avoid drowning in debt as our current and previous administrators have done. I am not sure who I will vote for this time, but I know I will not vote for any incumbents or former politicians or lawyers or social climbers. We all know who they are. We need leaders who have the best interest of the people at heart, not their own personal agendas. I will vote for those who know about getting dirty from hard work and who know or have known what it is like when the month is a lot longer than the paycheck and those who will get rid of Rodney Shoop and Mr. Davis."

"Hi Mail Call. It is so sad to call about what I have to talk about. Every year on July 4 when the battlefield has its fireworks display, people, I guess you'd call them people, they go into the Mountain View Cemetery down here at Sharpsburg, close to the graves and watch the fireworks from there. They don't have any respect for the dead so I guess they don't have any respect for the living either. On Sunday my daughter and I visited my husband's grave and her son's grave, that was the day after the fireworks, and there were beer bottles and trash and fireworks debris where they put off loud fireworks. I think the cemetery board needs to look into this so that it doesn't happen again. Families of loved ones buried there don't appreciate this. Have a little respect for our loved ones, please."

"In response to the call from the past president of the Veterans Council, I would like to say that good leaders are being judged by their accomplishments. He, however, was blowing his own horn about what a good job he has done. Can he at least tell us what he has achieved? I'm confident that the new president will have no problem doing a better job since he was elected by veterans who need a good leader and team player. Commander Sprecher and his past accomplishments speak for themselves."

"Yes. It may be true that some students are graduating from Washington County schools and probably can't spell or write but really look at within yourself. Who is really at fault? Is it the teachers who can only teach so much or is it the students? I think it's probably the students' fault. They need to be the ones that learn. They are responsible for their own learning. Teachers cannot make students learn. Students can only make themselves learn and if there isn't motivation there for them to learn they won't. So it's not the teachers' fault."

"In response to the person saying that abortions kill more people than cigarette smoke, how off mark can you be? When was the last time you heard of an abortion killing someone secondhand? Cigarette smoking is terrible. It kills the smoker and everyone around them. Get a clue!"

"How ungrateful can you be, person who thinks the fire departments are the biggest racket in Washington County? I'd like to see how much of a racket you think it is while your house is burning down. These people volunteer their time and sometimes give their lives to take care of your community. Give them the respect they deserve."

"To all of you bad-mouthing John Corderman in the past couple of days. Thank God that a decent man decided to run and shape our government up."

"I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on how to keep ants and earwigs out of a hummingbird feeder? It would really be appreciated if someone would call in with an answer."

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