HCC scholarship fund grows

July 10, 1998|By DAVE McMILLION

A scholarship fund set up by the Hagerstown Community College Foundation has grown from $5,000 to $3.2 million in 30 years, officials said.

Interest from the fund is used to grant scholarships, which have totaled $1 million since 1980, officials said.

Odell H. Rosen started the fund in 1968 with a $5,000 donation. Through many fund-raisers and the generosity of the community, it has grown to $3.2 million, said Peter V. Low, vice president of the foundation.

Low said that is an impressive figure considering the fact that Hagerstown is not the richest community and Hagerstown Community College is not the biggest school of its kind.

"I think that underscores how well this community has supported the college," said Low.

Until about 18 months ago, the endowment was the biggest among the state's community colleges, said Lieba Cohen, director of institutional advancement at the college.


It was surpassed when Catonsville Community College received $1.25 million for its fund, said Cohen.

"It's just been phenomenal. The leaders of the community have just been real generous," said Cohen.

Fund-raisers like art sales are held to raise money for the foundation, but sometimes "it's just a handshake and asking for a donation" that works, said Low.

Low said he believes people give freely because they are aware that the school has a good reputation.

"Believe me, it's not a hard sell," said Low.

Only the interest is used for scholarships. About $140,000 in scholarships are being given this year, said Low.

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