July 09, 1998

Barbara E. Beard, 880 Northern Ave., Hagerstown, to Rickey L. Fraley and Donna M. Fraley, for $86,900.

John D. Stolins and B. June Stolins, 23 Mealey Parkway, Hagerstown, to Steven E. Harbaugh and Jean M. Harbaugh, for $109,900.

James DeYoung and Randall Waltz, trading as JRV Properties, and Vincent Waltz, withdrawn partner, 111 and 115 High St., Hagerstown, to the City of Hagerstown, for $35,000.

Terry Lee Getride and Julie Ann Getride, 217 Chapline St., west, Sharpsburg, to David R. Pryor and Jaime L.W. Siegel, for $79,500.


Gabriel Guzman and Amber D. Guzman, 10900 Lincoln Ave., Hagerstown, to Robert F. Cooke Jr. and Patricia Lynn Cooke, for $112,500.

Lester B. Tigrett and JoAnn Tigrett, lot 3, section C, Cedar Hills, to Donald Muffley and Deanna Muffley, for $38,000.

General Builders Inc., 327 Liberty St., Hagerstown, to Virginia E. Barger and Richard T. Barger, for $65,000.

John Daviduk, by Dorothy Jane Daviduk, his attorney-in-fact and Dorothy Jane Daviduk, his wife, 16823 Petmar Circle, to Dustin C. Burleson and Marcie L. Burleson, for $118,000.

O. Van Tran and Minh Thi Tran, 535 Liberty St., Hagerstown, to Sherman E. Weedon Sr., for $95,200.

Elizabeth M. Cromartie, formerly known as Elizabeth M. Hall, 10723 Timothy Drive, Williamsport, to Michael R. Felix and Patricia C. Felix, for $135,000.

T. Austin Jennings and Mildred V. Jennings, 10900 Kemper Drive, Williamsport, to Douglas K. Nigh and Keleigh S. Harnish, for $110,000.

Robert Maynard, 13572 Donnybrook Drive, Hagerstown, to Ralph E. Wachter and Della M. Wachter, for $167,500.

Anthony P. Grassi, trustee of the John E. Stonebraker Jr., 940 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown, to Shanri Holdings Corp., for $747,000.

Steven L. Powell, 13720 Village Mill Drive, Maugansville, for $65,000.

Brian S. Crouch and Amelia B. Crouch, 19657 Marigold Drive, to Prudential Residential Services, for $130,500.

Prudential Residential Services, Limited Partnership, 19657 Marigold Drive, to George D. Green, for $130,500.

Richard A. Brehm and Rebecca A. Brehm, 208 David Drive, Boonsboro, to C. Delores Morrison, for $108,000.

Mildred D. Ebersole, and Elmer W. Mitchell and Sue Ellen Bowders, 10805 Wyncote Drive, Hagerstown, to John W. Atha II and Wendy S. Atha, for $107,000.

Michael R. Felix and Patricia C. Felix, 11330 Dogwood Drive, to William A. Larrick, for $76,000.

Smithsburg Development Corp., 105 Sara Circle, Smithsburg, to Chad A. Longworth and Hollie A. Longworth.

Sevad Inc., 45 Sunbrooke Lane, to Clinton O. Rowland and Shirley A. Rowland, for $119,500.

Clinton O. Rowland III, and Shirley Ann Rowland, 13532 Red Brick Lane, Hagerstown, to Washington County Association for Retarded Citizens Inc., for $165,000.

Martin J. Urner and Dorothy J. Urner, 18945 Preston Road, Hagerstown, to Richard L. Alton II and Robin Bolinger, for $125,000.

George F. Moore and Cynthia M. Moore, 1542 Brown Road, Knoxville, to James R. Miller and Jennifer F. Weishaar, for $175,000.

David L. Gladhill and Brenda L. Gladhill, 25210 Elhuff Court, Cascade, to Suzanne E. Kemp, for $59,000.

Robert W. Foltz and Nancy C. Foltz, property on Cavetown Church Road, Smithsburg, to George M. Bushey and Sons Co., for $25,000.

David D. Dillard and Cheryl L. Dillard, 13215 Fairfax Road, Hagerstown, to Brian S. Culp and Cecilia A. Culp, for $122,000.

Irvin W. Gearhart and Margaret I. Gearhart, by Carl D. Gearhart, their attorney-in-fact, 12614 McDade Road, Hagerstown, to Robert L. Grove and Michele L.M. Grove, for $97,000.

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