Mail Call

July 09, 1998

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I'm replying to a Mail Call in Monday night's paper about the North High Band and summer band. I'd like to know what about South High Band? They practice on Sunday afternoons on their field. Why are you downing the North High Band? The South High Band is doing the exact same thing. Why don't we try downing both bands if you're going to down them and if they want to start in June for summer band, more power to them. That just gives them more time to progress and get their field shows together. Thank you."


"Yes, this is to anyone that has lost a male cat, approximately one year old, mostly white with some gold striped markings. If you have lost one and are looking for it and would like to find him, there was one found in the West End area on Monday night. If you could please call Melissa or Randy at 301-733-6953 you can claim this cat."

"I understand by the newspaper and the news that ex-Governor Schaefer is running for Louis Goldstein's seat. How low could this state go to let somebody like that get in there and run us bankrupt?"

"Well, the die has been cast. Former Maryland Gov. William Donald Schaefer has entered the race for former Louis Goldstein's comptroller's seat. Marylanders, we're thoroughly disgusted and unhappy. When William Donald Schaefer left office why in the world would we want him as our chief financial officer? In addition, County Commissioner Ron Bowers is a good friend of former Gov. Schaefer."

"I can't believe that those people want to save that roundhouse."

"Hi Mail Call. It's hard for anyone not personally involved to comfort in the devastation and loses of the people in businesses in Florida who lost everything - their houses, their personal belongings and so on. The whole scenario, however, is brought into proper perspective by this man John of Palm Coast whose house was saved but lost all of his shrubbery and landscaping and now he doesn't know what he will do. Can't something be done to help this poor man? No one should have to suffer like this."

"I have a very simple question. Can anyone tell me if our Washington County Commissioners receive a pension after their terms are over?"

"Several weeks ago Time magazine stated that Clinton referred to the average America citizen as 'Joe Six-Pack.' You Democrats have such a high esteem for the president, now you know what he thinks of you. A beer guzzling person with little or no value as a good citizen or the responsibility that a good citizen should possess. It turns out that both he and you people are big loosers. You, because you defend him, and him because he has desecrated the office he occupies."

"I suggest you change your forum from Mail Call to Hit-and-Run because you only publish what you want to. I've called several times about Linda Irvin-Craig and Paul Swartz and what good candidates they would make for County Commissioner and nothing is ever published. Why?"

"I'm a concerned citizen and I was wondering where'd that big bunny go that was across the street from Career Studies Center and E. Russell Hicks? We've always thought it was so cute to look at and now it's not there anymore. We were just wondering where it went and if somebody stole it. I hope they get in trouble for it."

"I must be the only naive person around. I got a computer and got the extra warranty on it so when if anything happened to it the parts and labor would be covered, which was fine. I had the computer a couple of years before something happened to it. They came out to fix it and put a brand new part in and then this new part wouldn't work. I just thought it was highly unusual that a new part wouldn't work so I said something to the technician and come to find out, it was not a brand new part. It was a reconditioned part. I thought that when I got the warranty that I was paying for new parts. Obviously not! I must be the only stupid person around."

"I would like to know why John Corderman left paradise and returned to Hagerstown?"

"Good morning, Mail Call. I have something to share with your readers this morning. Has anyone walked into a doctor's office and they look at you and ask - what are you doing here? Well, it happened to me this morning and I have never had such awful treatment. Well, not since the big burley nurse in the Navy gave me an enema 30 years ago. Has anyone else had this problem? I await your response."

"It appears that Paul Muldowney continues to run for office. He should be getting tired by now."

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