Albowicz running for county commission

July 05, 1998|By MARLO BARNHART

Julianna Albowicz believes her expertise in the field of sewer plant management is a big plus for her candidacy for Washington County commissioner.

A Democrat, Albowicz has been sewer commissioner for the Town of Clear Spring since 1992. As such, she maintains day-to-day contact with the town-owned sewer plant and its operation.

"I think I can really make a difference in this area," said Albowicz, 51, who is also the town's elected vice mayor.

If elected, Albowicz said she would like to see a debt-reduction task force established, made up of local people and state officials dedicated to reducing and then eliminating the county sewer debt.


"I don't think the current board has done enough to eradicate that debt," she said. "It can't be addressed and then put aside ... it must be constantly worked on."

Another of Albowicz's big priorities will be education.

"Education is the future, as I have always stressed with my own kids and with all children," Albowicz said. "If we are not educated, then we will be in sad shape."

Albowicz said all schools must be in top form. That shouldn't be such a hard task after November, when seven rather than five people will be on the school board overseeing education.

"If elected, I would like to see the Board of Education get a set percentage of the county's budget, not a dollar amount as it is now," Albowicz said.

She explained that the percentage would be voted on by the commissioners and then the school board would decide how that money would be distributed, not the commissioners.

Leadership will also be a big factor for the new commissioners - a quality Albowicz feels is lacking right now.

"Before you can lead, you must learn to serve," Albowicz said. "I would like to help lead the commissioners into the next century."

A native of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Albowicz and her husband, William, have lived in Maryland since 1966. After a few years in the Lanham area, the couple moved first to Dargan and then to Clear Spring in 1972.

William Albowicz is a Clear Spring councilman and former mayor.

They have four children - Vincent, Mary Kay, Marc and Nikole. They own and operate Hoff's Liquors in Clear Spring.

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