Funkstown budgets new tractor, repairs

June 29, 1998|By SHEILA HOTCHKIN

An equipment expenditure accounted for the largest change in Funkstown's budget for the second year running, as town officials allotted $12,000 for a new tractor in the 1998-99 general fund budget.

No other category of the Funkstown $178,300 budget gained or lost more than $1,000, with most adjustments ranging from $50 to $200. The document was approved Monday night by the Funkstown mayor and Town Council,

"There might be a minor $50 here or $100 there, but nothing major," said Brenda L. Haynes, Funkstown's town clerk. She and Mayor Robert L. Kline co-authored the budget.

The $178,300 budget was built around the expectation that the town's revenues would increase by $5,650, totaling $202,531.

Haynes said most of the increased revenue came from property taxes on new houses built in Funkstown, along with increases in the assessments on local homes.


The town's property tax rate once again remained at 55 cents per $100 of assessed value. Kline estimated the rate has held steady for 12 years.

Budgeting for a new tractor increased by $7,400 the equipment expenditures amount for the 1997-98 budget year.

The town's previous tractor broke after more than a decade of hard labor, Kline said.

"We've got a lot of grass to mow," he said, pointing to town property such as the park.

Equipment expenditures also added thousands of dollars to the 1997-98 budget, when Funkstown spent $4,600 on a backhoe and bucket.

Other than that, Haynes said, the only remarkable thing about the budget is how little it changes from one year to the next, with this year as no exception.

"Everything went pretty smooth for us," she said.

Another $5,000 was budgeted for repairs to the town hall, an increase of $500 over last year. Kline said that money will be used to renovate the building's second floor, which is reserved for local clubs and events. The second-floor bathrooms will also be redone, he said.

A rough draft of the budget had included salary increases of 30 cents per hour for four city employees, to begin next April. The town pushed those increases back to July, putting them on the budget for 1999-2000.

Town officials also approved a $117,415 water fund budget, an increase of $3,480 over last year, and an $84,595 sewer fund budget, which represents a $1,025 hike.

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