Va. facility no threat to local AB&C

June 25, 1998|By CLYDE FORD

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - The AB&C Group's construction of a major distribution center in Winchester, Va., is not expected to have an impact on the 600 jobs at the company's Charles Town facility, a company official said.

AB&C Group announced plans earlier this week to build a 77,000-square-foot facility in the Stonewall Industrial Park in Winchester.

The new facility will employ about 100 workers, AB&C Group Chief Operating Officer David P. Himes said Wednesday from the company's headquarters in McLean, Va.

The company is a distributor for mail-order catalog companies, Internet businesses and nonprofit organizations. Among the company's clients are America Online, Compaq Computer, Doctors' Preferred, American Red Cross and the Nature Conservancy.

The Charles Town facility is the company's national fulfillment center. Orders come into the Charles Town facility and are shipped out, Himes said.


Himes said some of the workers at the Charles Town center may decide to move to the Winchester operation when the building opens in September. Some of the managers may be transferred to provide experienced supervisors, Himes said.

"Historically it's been a good labor market in Charles Town, though it's tight right now," Himes said.

The company also has warehouses in Martinsburg, W.Va., and Bardane, W.Va., but is closing a warehouse in Hagerstown, Himes said. The Martinsburg and Bardane warehouses are used for bulk storage.

The company decided to open a second distribution center instead of expanding at the Charles Town facility for several reasons, Himes said.

AB&C rents the building in Charles Town and rather than expand there, it opted to buy its second distribution center, Himes said.

"To a certain degree, we need separate facilities so if a problem occurs at one, we can fall back on the other," Himes said.

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