Letters to the Editor

June 23, 1998

Community makes my loss easier to bear

To the editor:

As a result of my husband's recent death my children and I have been touched by the generous hearts and helping hands of the entire Smithsburg community as well as our immediate neighbors and far away friends.

Jon's boss was quick to respond and calmly tell us about the accident, and Bob was a pillar of strength for my children at the hospital. The entire hospital staff and volunteers were compassionate, reassuring and non-patronizing. Thank you. Denny Davis took care of burial arrangements through Davis Funeral Home with an unpretentious style. I didn't feel pressured or uncomfortable with any decision that had to be made.

In the midst of all this, the people of Smithsburg, including our church family at Trinity Lutheran and our far away friends and family have wonderfully overwhelmed us with such genuine care and heart-felt concern. I know the children and I are surrounded by people who don't pity us, but rather care about us and our well-being. Jon was so much to so many. The suddenness of his death and the heart-wrenching grief we all feel is shared by everyone. Although all of us have been taken aback by this turn of events, we will be on our feet again, in large part, thanks to God's caring community around us.


We are taught that when we serve others we serve God, but so much more real in my life now is the realization that as we are served by others, we are served by God. That is a humbling revelation. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen." Change the word "creator" to "God and his people" and that sums up my thoughts and outlook for the days, months and years to come.

The following is an excerpt from our bedtime conversation tonight:

"Mom, if there is a God, do you think daddy is arguing with him right now?"

"Do you mean about being taken out so young?"


To myself I thought Jon was never much of an arguer with anyone (I guess opposites do attract). Out loud I said, "Honey, if there is a God, I believe your daddy is telling him right now, "Tell my family I'm OK. Let them know they'll be OK, too."

I believe that. Thank you to all of you who make it so easy for me to believe that. You are love in action. And please know that we are here for you, too. Thank you especially for the cards and letters. I look forward to every mail delivery and read each card and note. Thank you. With all our love and gratitude.

Mrs. Jonathan Nehemias


COLA wars

To the editor:

An interesting bit of information on the COLA adjustment:

For someone living on less than $8,500 a year, it is disheartening since I also worked after raising a family.

Each time the COLA changes, the Medicare part B payment rises, as well as my AARP medigap policy. It seems as if it is no benefit at all. Who gains? There are always new bits stating how the increase is of importance. I disagree!

A. Phillips

Washington State

Quality care

To the editor:

Washington County Hospital is Number One. I recently had a chest pain scare and went to the emergency room at the Washington County Hospital to be checked out.

The staff in the ER, Coronary Care Unit and Nuclear Medicine were extremely caring and professional.

It is so wonderful to know that we have a facility of this quality so close by.

I want to thank everyone who took care of me.

Jim Thomas

Waynesboro, Pa.

Landfill trip an education

To the editor:

I would like to thank John Wardzinski, division manager and Jeanne Rader of the Mountain View Reclamation Company for providing financial assistance and help in arranging a recent field trip to the landfill.

Their financial support provided buses for 50 Greencastle Antrim High School students to tour the landfill in Upton. Wardzinski explained the technology used at the site, laws which impact waste management and the importance of recycling.

Your help in educating students to become responsible, environmental citizens was greatly appreciated.

Ellen Kirkner

Social Studies Teacher

Greencastle Antrim High

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