Approval sought for new landfill cover

June 23, 1998|By RICHARD F. BELISLE, Waynesboro

UPTON, Pa. - Officials at Mountain View Reclamation are asking permission from the state to lay down a new daily cover over the Upton landfill made from the junk left over when automobiles are shredded.

John Wardzinski, division manager of the landfill owned by Waste Management, said he hopes to get approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. A public hearing is not required on the landfill's request, Wardzinski said.

He said the landfill currently covers its daily refuse with six inches of clean soil.

The landfill takes in 120 tons to 150 tons of the shredded material a day from a Baltimore-area metal recycler. It consists mostly of plastic and other nonmetal materials, including shredded tires, that remain when cars and metal appliances are shredded. The shredded material would be mixed with clean soil.

"We would take a waste material and come up with a beneficial use for it," he said.


Its use would reduce the amount of clean soil needed each to cover the landfill, which now totals about 200 tons, he said.

"We would save soil, a natural resource," Wardzinski said.

The state will require the landfill to do flammatory tests on the shredded material before it can be used as a cover, he said.

The landfill opened on Letzburg Road in the mid-1970s on a 550-acre tract. So far 52 acres have been used, with another 70 acres left in the permit, Wardzinski said.

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