Mail Call

June 18, 1998

"Let's give the Hagerstown Suns three big cheers for winning the Northern Division Championship of the South Atlantic League. You are getting better all the time. We love Mail Call."

"OK Washington County, we're all going to be positive this week. To start this process there's a few things that have appeared in Mail Call we need to clear up. First, no more candy throwing at the parades. Fifty years ago it might have been all right. It's dumb and somebody's going to get hurt. Change it please. Second, if you move into this area from out of town, eat a lot of cold turkey so to speak for a couple of years. It gets better. Try to drink filtered water so you won't be affected in the same way. Third, stop beating up on our teachers even though I constantly run into people in department stores that can't make change properly. I don't know who to blame. Don't bore us in Mail Call about your nosy, snoopy talkative neighbors. Try talking to them. And I don't even want to discuss marijuana being OK while we go out and bust crackheads. And finally to the woman of the '90s. My Bible tells me that Mary and Joseph gave birth to a son and not a daughter. Maybe your husband's just a little hen-pecked. Hey, have a great week!"


"I'd like to know if there is still a Make-A-Wish Foundation right here in Hagerstown and if there is, where is it and is there a phone number for someone if they wish to make a donation?"

"I see here in my Friday evening's paper that North High and South High's graduations made the front page. It's just like in the old days. Williamsport never gets any recognition in the paper. There's never anything about Williamsport but then North and South High made the front page again. It will never change. It's just like it was in 1958."

"Hi Mail Call. I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to set up an on-screen VCR? If you do please call 301-790-0452 and if there's no answer please leave a message on the answering machine."

"Hi Mail Call. Thumbs down to the North End townhome developer for threatening to sue homeowners for removal of trees on THEIR property."

"I'm sick and tired of hearing about the secretary from Boonsboro. I think the school board was right in what they did and I'm glad there's people out there looking out for our kids. Get off their backs and give the secretary a break. Let her find a job."

"Don't you think it's wonderful that Roscoe Bartlett is turning the cleanup of the roundhouse to the city so CSX doesn't have to do it? Now isn't that good? We'll just have another great big bill so the private sector won't."

"Did you read Tuesday's paper where the judge sentenced the 68-year-old man to just 18 months because he was too old even though he raped that girl and she was his foster daughter? What's up with that? He deserves much more than that. At least the rest of his life if not more."

"I'd like to wish my grandson Dakota a happy 5th birthday on Thursday, June 18. Happy birthday."

"Go people on Swann Road. Fight the government and fight the system. If you bought a home there wanting to have a nice, quite place to live, you have the right to do just that. The government thinks they can push anything on anyone. It's been proven in the past."

"This is in response to the recent article that was in the paper about the husband and wife who canceled their vacation to Canada because they are looking for three Beanie Babies. Well, I have one of the three that they are looking for and it's in excellent condition. If you would leave your name and phone number in Mail Call we will gladly contact you."

"I'm calling to say I think Hagerstown ought to wake up. I think the Lord's telling us something through this tornado and if you have a neighbor out there that you could help to pick up leaves or help them around the yard or whatever, try to go out and just help them. I also want to say thank you to my neighbor. She sent her little boy and girl down, Chastity and Eddie, and they picked up every leaf and every twig in my yard and I'm a widow and I really appreciate it. I want to say thank you to Susie my neighbor. If you have a neighbor out there, help them during this time of need. If up don't have a church, try to find one this Sunday because I think we've had signs of the coming and God bless you all."

"This is to the person that's hollering about the ink coming off the newspaper and onto their clothes. I have a solution for you. While reading the paper wear a raincoat and a pair of gloves. To Mail Call and The Herald-Mail, you're doing a wonderful job."

"This is to the caller about the year-round schooling. It's funny, I thought that the purpose of school and education was to actually educate kids and not to give parents child care for the summertime."

"This is to Richie. It's from Jordan. I just wanted to say that I love you very, very much with all my heart and with all my soul. It's been three and a half wonderful years and we keep going strong. I love you puddin' popsicle."

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