Seven appointed to school posts

June 17, 1998

FREDERICK, Md. - The Frederick County Board of Education approved seven administrative appointments Monday.

The appointments were made in response to growth in school enrollment, resignations, retirements and promotions that affect five schools and the central office. Five of the positions will be filled by current employees of Frederick County Public Schools. Those appointed were:

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* " NATURALSIZEFLAG="0" ALIGN="BOTTOM"> Sharon Boettinger, supervisor of guidance and school support. She is a pupil personnel worker with the school system. In her new position, she will coordinate the guidance and counseling programs for the entire school system.

* Harold C. Mosser, principal of Linganore High School. He is principal of Brunswick Middle School and will be promoted to fill the vacancy created by Linganore Principal Mike Trout's move to Gov. Thomas Johnson High School.
HEIGHT="6" ALT="* " NATURALSIZEFLAG="0" ALIGN="BOTTOM"> Arthur Fairweather, principal of Brunswick Middle School. He is co-principal of Colchester Middle School in Colchester, Vt., he has background in teaching and administration, including 11 years in middle school administration.

* James J. Corley, assistant principal of Walkersville High School, replacing Fred Dayton, who retired. He has been with the school system for 22 years, the last four as a pupil personnel worker assigned to the Walkersville feeder area.
HEIGHT="6" ALT="* " NATURALSIZEFLAG="0" ALIGN="BOTTOM"> Jack A. Newkirk, assistant principal of Walkersville High School. He is coordinator of a regional magnet school and high school business department chairman in Baltimore County. Increasing enrollment has created the need for a second principal at the school.

* Perry D. Baker, assistant principal of Urbana High School. He is an assistant principal at Heather Ridge School, where he helped develop the Twilight School, and has 16 years of experience as a teacher, athletic director and administrator in the school system.
HEIGHT="6" ALT="* " NATURALSIZEFLAG="0" ALIGN="BOTTOM"> Kathleen Schlappal, assistant principal of Middletown Middle School. She is a social studies teacher at Windsor Knolls Middle School and has 10 years of experience in teaching.
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