Mail Call

June 16, 1998

"Well Mail Callers, former Maryland Gov. William Donald Schaefer has endorsed the re-election bid of Parris Glendening. Isn't it amazing the birds of a political feather flock together? In the past William Donald Schaefer was a very, very unpopular and ineffective governor and now he's endorsing the least popular governor among all of the 50 governors of our United States. Oh, and by the way, County Commissioner Ron Bowers endorsed and likes both of the former and present governors."

"I'm calling to say that the teachers do need to be paid the same as the private industry. They also need to work 12 months a year and put in an eight and a-half hour work day on site. I personally think that we'd all be better off if we would have a four-day school week, six hours a day all year round so that parents wouldn't have to find daycare in the summer and any time there's an extended break and teachers can have Friday for all their professional days and special teaching and education days. And I think you'd find out that actually you would compensate not having the summer off."


"I enjoy seeing the pictures in the paper under the "Remember When?', the old time Hagerstown, but most of the time the pictures are shown of North Potomac Street or West Washington Street and I was wondering if anyone has any old pictures of East Washington Street especially around the area of where the parking lot now exists on East Washington Street, there near the bakery? I'd really appreciate seeing some old pictures of East Washington Street."

"I just want to make it known that there are a lot of nice, neat, clean people who own pets and know how to take care of property. I really get tired of seeing 'No Pets' on rentals. If they charge a pet security deposit and if nothing happens give it back and maybe you'd be surprised."

"A question for the Mail Callers. Does anyone know who subsidizes the housing in Highland Manor?"

"In answer to the person that misses Dr. Minnich the dentist in Williamsport that retired. I miss him, too, because he was very efficient. He didn't need extra help in the office and he did everything himself. And he did a great job! He didn't charge you a fortune because he wasn't hiring a lot of extra people in the office to do the things that he could do himself. He did everything himself."

"I'd like for the gentleman that bought the two doors out here at the yard sale on June 6 and paid for them but never picked them up to come and get them. They are still waiting for you. If you will come out here you can have your doors."

"Hi Mail Call. To the person who called in and said how much she missed Dr. Minnich the dentist that retired from Williamsport. Yes, my husband and I miss Dr. Minnich very much. Oh how we wish he was still here. His prices were very reasonable and he was a very good dentist."

"I'd like to know why when you go into a liquor store or a bar to check on a winning holder, they won't show you what hit but they'll tell you. It looks like they're trying to cover something up."

"This is to Danny. I love you madly and passionately and I have for the past 11 or so years. You're one of a kind and my heart will always have a special place in it for you even though we will probably never be able to be together the way it should be. Those times we are together are the best and everytime I see you my love and caring for you grows more and more. You always say someday and that you're always there for me. Well, maybe but for now I just want to tell you that you will always be a part of me and be in my heart forever. Until next time, love you always."

"I'm calling about the graduations. It seems like The Herald-Mail and The Daily Mail didn't have anything about the Career Studies Center graduating Tuesday night with a graduating class of 56 student but I see in my paper tonight for Friday that North and South High made the front page. I think this is unfair that they weren't recognized in the papers on Wednesday for their graduation and efforts."

"Hey Mail Call, this is to all the people in Sharpsburg who want to holler about the rebel flags and the parade and they're not getting their way in Sharpsburg. The only thing keeping you from West Virginia is the river people. Move on over."

"I see where it takes 4,000 tons of newsprint a year and 9,500 pounds of ink a year to make a newspaper here in Washington County. Well, why don't you keep the ink on the paper instead of on our hands and clothes?"

"Hi, this is Shirley and I lost my key. My phone number is 301-797-1940. Thank you. I appreciate your help."

"This is to the driver of the green truck who dropped a white cat off on Clear Spring Road Friday evening. You probably think you're pretty slick but we gave your tag number to the authorities and we'll see soon how slick you really are."

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