Mail Call for Friday, June 12

June 13, 1998

"Does anyone else have the problem with their clothes either stretching or shrinking after they are laundered?"

"Hello, Mail Call. Hurrah for Tim Rowland's article on Sunday. I couldn't believe what I was reading, what our County Commissioners are thinking about doing and adding more debt to the taxpayers and building themselves a farming dynasty on the Sharpsburg Pike just like they built a sewer dynasty out at Williamsport and you know what that did to us - $54 million in debt. I think that's irresponsible for them to be thinking along these lines and the taxpayers of Washington County need to let them know in the elections in November that if they continue to spend our money in these ways and just leave things get out of hand according to Tim Rowland's column and so forth. It just looks like once again they are out there spending our money and borrowing money and putting us in more debt. We owe Tim Rowland a debt of gratitude for once again pointing out the thinking of some of our elected officials."


"The Board of Education employee who released the sick day substitute information needs to give the public all the facts. How many of these days were subs needed for professional release time, not sick leave? If some teachers are abusing and taking more than their allotted time, go after them but please do not make all of us look bad to get a few. We know who that board employee is and you used to be one of us."

"Hi, Mail Call. This is in regards to two properties on Nicewarner Road in Cearfoss that are very depreciated and I'd like to know when something is going to be finally done about them? There's been complaints for years."

"I'd like to leave this message for Timothy Smith. I'd like to congratulate him on making the distinguished honor roll three times this year and the honor roll once. I want to tell him that his mother and father do recognize him even though his school didn't. Congratulations, Timothy."

"I have a medical question. Why is it that the older you get the hair on your head gets thinner but the hair in your ears and nostrils gets thicker? Does anyone have an explanation for that? I'd sure like to know."

"Mail Call, this is to the teachers that think they need a raise. If they would get a raise according to what the children learn in school, they'd all be on welfare. Thank you very much."

"I watched Newsnight on Thursday, June 3, when Winston Blenckstone defended the Hagerstown Suns Baseball Club against the religious discrimination complaint filed by a Waynesboro man with the ALCU represented by Dwight Sullivan. I applaud Mr. Blenckstone's stand on this matter. The ALCU is the ruination of this country. Are we going to sit back and let these people tell us what we can and cannot do? These people are a joke. What about religious people's rights? They have taken prayer, Bibles and religious holidays away from the schools as just one example. What in the world is going to be next? Please people, wake up before it's too late."

"I was just reading in the paper about the skateboarding and the crackheads on Jonathan Street. Why do people automatically assume that all crackheads come from the Jonathan Street area? There are crackheads in the West End, the East End, the South End and the North End."

"Hi, Mail Call. This is my first time calling into Mail Call but I had to say this. To the lady on West Side Avenue, I'm deeply sorry that your son has to be treated and talked to that way but racism didn't go out in the '60s. It's worse now than it ever has been and it's deep in Hagerstown. You must have missed the article in this week's paper where a black man was allegedly chained to the back of a truck and dragged until his body fell apart by three white men."

"I wish someone would look at the traffic problems on Maugans Avenue around the Burger King area coming off the interstate. It's really getting congested and I wish the County Commissioners would take a look at that serious problem."

"This is in regards to the black man in Texas who suffered such a horrible death. It's very difficult to imagine what this poor soul went through. Hanging, electrocution, firing squad, and lethal injection is far too easy of a death for these three men. They should each be chained to trucks and dragged over the same route they took their victim on. That would be real justice."

"I would like to wish Tracy Wood a happy birthday on June 12."

"Well, here we go again, taxpayers. The State of Maryland wasting $2.3 million to preserve 1,000 acres around the Antietam Battlefield. Parris Glendening is doing this to your money. Why do we need all this ground around battlefields preserved? The only important ground is the battlefield itself. And also buying all the ground along the river. Why do we have to have all this ground around the river preserved? It doesn't make any sense. When are you people going to wake up and understand that these people have got too much money on their hands and not enough to go back to the taxpayers?"

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