Mail Call

June 10, 1998

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"This is to the person who was complaining about the type of music that's played at carnivals and fairs. The carnival managers don't consider that junky rock music appropriate for the people who attend these carnivals and fairs. They know what they want to hear and it's not that amplified, ridiculous noise."

"Hello, I'm the gentleman who called in about the old bottles and Avon bottles that I'd like to get rid of but I forgot to leave my phone number. It's 301-582-2155. Please call after 5 p.m."


"I don't have any idea who this woman in Sharpsburg is whose little girl got hit but I think we've heard enough about all that. Let's talk about something else. You took enough room in your paper for three people here to have called in."

"The subject is Howard Stern. How can he be hilarious when for one thing he is guilty of taking the Lord's name in vain. Also he degrades these people who allow the degrading to be done to them simply because they have no self respect. This is a sick, sick world."

"I have some old Avon bottles that I'd like to get rid of. Call me at 301-797-5420."

"This is to the caller who says teachers should be fired just like they would be in private industry. Fine, we can start firing teachers just like in private industry, when we start paying teachers like they pay people in private industry. Our teachers have not had an increase in their salary in four years. They need an increase in salary. They deserve it and if they're not going to get it then maybe they should miss school."

"Hi Mail Call. I really hope its a Weis that they put in at Long Meadow. I really hope it's a Weis. Weis is great!"

"I would like to wish Tammy Sharer a very happy birthday on June 13."

"Please print this. It will kind of help me get my frustration out. To the woman who lives on West Side Avenue, we have a right to live on that street also. Even though my son is from a mixed relationship he has the right to walk up and down that street without your comments or your little dog coming viciously after him. I'd truly appreciate it if you would learn that this is the '90s and not the '60s and that your rude remarks are not going to chase us off West Side. We like this street and I told him to walk up there with a big smile on his face. The only person you're hurting is yourself and the ugliest inside of yourself. Thank you and racism was gone back in the '60s. Have a nice day."

"I'm a volunteer in the community and I have a small child that is in desperate need of a bed. A small bed such as a youth or toddler bed because she's only 2 years old and the space is very limited. If anyone out there would have such a bed that they don't need anymore, could you please call me at 301-791-5250."

"To the people of Sharpsburg, the little girl was hit in the eye and luckily she was wearing her sunglasses and the year before a lady was given a black eye. Two years ago a woman tripped on the sidewalk during the Memorial Day Parade and then the town council wouldn't cough up the money and now she's suing them. Believe me, if someone gets hit with a piece of candy in the eye and gets seriously hurt, Sharpsburg will be sued and they won't be able to have another parade as long as Sharpsburg exists. So get rid of the candy, it's dangerous or have the children gently toss it. "

"Yes, they should have never let the old Long Meadow Supermarket go. Bring it back."

"Hey, I got a question. There's like 20 or 30 cops out there a day worrying about skateboarders, kids playing and having a good time. Why aren't they worried about all the crackheads and prostitutes down there on Jonathan Street? I'm tired of it and they need to leave people alone."

"Yes. I was reading an article in your paper where a lady wanted to know about antique dolls and where to sell them or to find out their value. I would like this information also and my phone number is 301-790-1751."

"Hey there, I can't believe that the city is still considering building a road out to Valley Mall. I've gone there all hours of the day and night including rush hour both morning and night and I've never had a tie up with traffic. Building a road out there would be pulling the final plug to downtown businesses. I hope they've reconsidered and do not build the road to the Valley Mall."

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