City Park lake draining slated

June 05, 1998|By JULIE E. GREENE

The lower lake in Hagerstown's City Park will be drained about two feet next week so repairs can begin on the east wall, Assistant City Engineer Rodney Tissue said Thursday.

The lake will be drained low enough for crews from GRC General Contractors, of Zullinger, Pa., to repair an 800-foot stretch of the stone wall along Virginia Avenue, Tissue said. The contract, which includes landscaping, is for $262,123.

The lake is drained by removing temporary dams that hold back the water from underground springs.

Repair work is expected to begin the week of June 15 and be done by Oct. 1, when the lake will be allowed to rise again, he said.

Cut stone the city salvaged from a house that had to be torn down two years ago when First Data Merchant Services expanded its parking lot will be used to repair the lake wall, Tissue said.


The lake wall on the north side was repaired in 1995. With the City Council's approval, the remaining wall will be repaired or replaced with boulders during the summer of 2001, Tissue said.

This summer's project includes removing a small, deteriorated island near the Virginia Avenue wall that waterfowl use, Tissue said.

Tissue said there are no plans to dredge the organic material on the lake's bottom since it is a suitable habitat for the fish. The decaying organic material, which includes duck excrement, caused an unpleasant odor in 1995.

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