Sharpsburg kids catch big fish in little pond

June 05, 1998|By JULIE E. GREENE

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg-area children corralled some decent-sized trout in the town pond during the town's fishing rodeo, and several youngsters won prizes.

Mayor George Kesler announced the winners of the May 9 rodeo this week.

The first- through fourth-place winners for ages 1 to 6 were Erin Canfield, Kelsey Eichelberger, Brandon Mose and Dillon Porter.

Canfield caught a 14.75-inch-long trout.

The first- through fourth-place finishers for ages 7 to 11 were Desirae Churchey, Casey Edlend, John Little and David Flook.

Churchey caught a 14.5-inch-long trout.

Little also caught a turtle, according to the final results.

The first- through fourth-place winners for ages 12 to 15 were Matthew Alley, Josh Tomsic, Hannah Canfield and Chris Embrey.

Alley caught a 13.75-inch-long trout.

First-place and second-place finishers received rods and reels, third-place finishers got tackle boxes and fourth-place finishers won dip nets and bait, Kesler said.


For the rodeo, the town pond was stocked with trout, which the children got to keep, Kesler said. Bass and small sunfish that were caught had to be thrown back, he said.

Thirty-three children from the Sharpsburg Elementary School district participated in the rodeo.

Kesler thanked Jeanne Turner and Denesa Churchey for their help.

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