Letters to the Editor

June 05, 1998

Proud of our kids

To the editor:

I applaud our local newspaper for publishing positive articles concerning our area youth. It is so refreshing to read about the accomplishments and success of our local young people. Due to the recent disturbing and stressful events of school shootings, I have found it more difficult to watch the news.

To a youngster watching television, I could easily see where he or she would think that teens and young adults are violent. Publishing positive articles with faces to match show our children that there are caring, smart, dedicated, ambitious and heroic youth living and going to school in our community.

I want role models and mentors for our younger generation, and a credit to our society, instead of the youth who have gone astray.


Again, thank you, Herald Mail for showing our community that the Tri-State area has young people we can admire and be proud of!

Toni Rickard

Miss Western Maryland 1998

Wrong for the times

To the editor:

I read with interest the article in Sunday's paper which described Karl Reinsner's interest in James Buchanan and how he was a "misunderstood president." After reading about this particular president, I would call him the wrong president at the wrong time in history. He had great skills as a diplomat, but those were not the skills needed prior to the Civil War.

If you study his presidency, the one thing which strikes you is his inability to take stand on the critical questions of the day: states rights and slavery. His election in 1856 was probably due to the fact he had no opinion on the Kansas-Nebraska act. This allowed the territories out West to decide for themselves whether they wanted slavery. His rivals for the presidency tried to take a stand. Buchanan said let the people decide.

His last state of the union address before Lincoln assumed office probably summed up his four years. As the Southern states began to secede he really believed they had no right to do so, but on the other hand there was nothing anyone could do to stop them.

He was opposed to slavery, but because the Constitution did not prohibit it, the slave states had to be allowed to hold slaves. He favored getting the southern and northern states together to rewrite the Constitution to make it presentable to both sides. Such policies from a nation which freedom and justice; this was a contradiction.

Glenn Young, Jr.


Sad state of affairs

To the editor:

On April 30 I turned on a radio talk show and the host was interviewing a man who said that Jesus Christ had sex with his disciples and that there would be a play on Broadway about this. I quickly turned it off. It was a sad state of affairs and also an insult to all Christians over the world.

For my savior restored my sight on April 16, 1991. On April 2, 1994, Jesus gave me his spirit to walk again, plus he also gave me a voice sing hymns and songs of yesteryear in nursing homes.

What should happen for those who reject Jesus? Surely they should burn in hell when they do depart from this life. Praise the Lord.

Frank Ramakis


Quick action saved a life

To the editor:

On Friday, May 9, our grandson, John Titus, choked while eating a brownie at the lunchroom in the Northern Middle School. Thanks to the quick actions of two of his school mates, Samuel Guy and Jason Ferguson, who both performed the Heimlich maneuver, John is alive.

The fact that these two young boys recognized what was happening and took actions to help is amazing. We commend Nadine Stauffer for doing such a good job of teaching the boys the Heimlich maneuver and the school district for having this as part of their program.

Again, our thanks go our to Samuel and Jason for a job well done!

Dan and Sue Parsons

Binghamton, N.Y.

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