Basketball court accident leaves youth with facial injuries

June 02, 1998|By JULIE E. GREENE

Staff Writer

SHARPSBURG - A Sharpsburg woman told town officials on Monday night she would seek legal advice about an accident at the town park in which her son was hurt.

Robin McCoy, of 111 E. High St., said her son lost two permanent teeth, chipped two other teeth and will need $5,000 to $10,000 in oral surgery as a result of the accident. She said her son has never had a cavity and now needs braces.

Ethan McCoy, 17, was playing basketball the night of May 21 at Lonnie L. Crampton Memorial Park when he tripped on another boy's foot and hit the curb surrounding the court face-first, his mother said.


Charles Wagaman, the town's attorney, said he didn't think the town was liable for the accident. A previous administration wasn't negligent for having the curb installed, he said.

The Town Council approved installation of the curb around the court in March 1994 so the court could be filled with water in the winter for ice skating.

Mayor George Kesler said during the monthly council meeting that he didn't think anyone had ever skated there.

Vice Mayor Sidney Gale said the town's parks committee will discuss at its Wednesday night meeting whether to remove the curb.

McCoy said several other children have been hurt because of the curb, but their "parents weren't brave enough to come up here."

McCoy said her oral surgeon told her a small child who hit the curb as her son did could crush his face or be killed.

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