Travel agents reveal their dream vacations


Betty Rinn helps her clients plan vacations to hot spots like Las Vegas or Disney World, but the Hagerstown travel agent prefers a more sedate location for herself.

Rinn, an employee of Travel Plans Inc., has made six trips to Mackinac Island, and she longs to return to the Michigan hideaway for the peace she said can only been found in a town that prohibits motor vehicles.

"Six times I've been there, and I've never heard" an automobile, said Rinn. Instead, the occasional rhythm of horses' hooves break the stillness of what she called "the Bermuda of the north."

Ruth Myers, president of Uniglobe Preferred Travel in Martinsburg, W.Va., dreams of a vacation to the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador.


Few of her customers vacation in the South American islands due to the expense, but Myers said the creatures and plants inhabiting the island make it a unique destination.

Stunning scenery and a slower pace draw Chris Franklin to Tahiti, a part of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. He said that despite those attractions, the island is not a popular destination for tourists.

"That's one of the reasons I like it," said Franklin, general manager of Hagerstown's CW Travel Inc.

The mystique of the Orient attracts Renee Brink, who owns Uniglobe Chambersburg Travel in Pennsylvania. She would like to visit Thailand, China and Hong Kong.

Brink tossed out the possibility of a cruise starting in Southeast Asia and working its way to Australia and the South Pacific.

"It's just an area that interests me, the uniqueness of it all," she said. "... I like doing different things."

Not all travel agents look to obscure or exotic locations for their vacations.

Calling his own plans uncreative, Wesley Yates admits to loving cruises. He has gone on 15 Caribbean and Hawaiian cruises and hopes to cruise through Alaska and the Mediterranean someday.

"It just puts me in a different state of mind," said Yates, manager of Richards World Travel in Martinsburg.

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