Quad/Graphics eyes venture with Polish printer

May 29, 1998

PEWAUKEE, Wis. - Quad/Graphics has signed a letter of intent for a joint venture with the printing arm of Proszynski i S-ka, a printer/publisher based in Warsaw and Pila, Poland.

Upon completion of the proposed venture, Quad/Graphics will install two eight-unit, web-offset presses, which, when added to Proszynski's eight presses, will create the largest printer in Central Europe.

A key benefit to the expansion is the establishment of a European production and marketing base accessible to Quad/Graphics' clients.

"With each partnership we enter, we strengthen our international presence. We don't acquire for the sake of growth," said Harry V. "Larry" Quadracci, president and founder of Quad/Graphics. "Our growth is carefully planned; we look to partner with printers who share our objective: giving our clients the very best printing possible. Proszynski and Quad/Graphics are a good fit."

Proszynski, a publisher since 1990, established its printing arm in 1991. The company has two printing subsidiaries - Zaklady Graficzne w Pile Ltd. and Superkolor SA. Its equipment includes eight web-offset presses, two perfect binders, 10 saddle stitchers and one Ferag drum stitcher.


The Polish company counts Elle, Computerworld and Business Week among its print clients.

In addition to South America and Central Europe, Quad/Graphics is considering other ventures into the rest of the world.

"Our strategy is to find great printers in each country with which to partner, and then contribute our capital, training and international marketing to the venture that is managed and controlled by the local printer," Quadracci said. "The astounding success of this model in both Argentina and Brazil has prompted us to expand this plan worldwide."

Quad/Graphics is the largest privately held printer in the Western Hemisphere. Locally, it has a plant in Martinsburg, W.Va.

The company has 11,000 employees and its domestic sales exceeded $1.2 billion in 1997.

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