Trooper headquarters heading to Bardane

May 29, 1998|By CLYDE FORD

BARDANE, W.Va. - Construction on a new regional headquarters in Bardane for the West Virginia State Police could begin by late summer, a state police official said Thursday.

State police officials met with architects Thursday to go over plans for the new troop headquarters, said Maj. Jim Powers of the West Virginia State Police.

The headquarters will be built on the 10 acres of land that Jefferson County gave the police in 1994, Powers said.

A building shell was constructed about three years ago for a facility, but the work was stopped when funds ran out.


Gov. Cecil Underwood signed a bill in March approving the new regional headquarters.

The Jefferson County office will serve the seven easternmost counties in West Virginia, including Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan, Powers said.

He said the state police looked at other sites in the Eastern Panhandle but said the one in Jefferson County was the most economical.

The fact that the 10 acres in Bardane were already owned by the state police was a consideration, he said.

Sgt. Sid Sponaugle, commander of the Jefferson County barracks, said troopers in the county have to travel seven hours round-trip to Elkins, W.Va., to get their vehicles serviced. Those long trips will be eliminated because troopers will be able to get their vehicles taken care of in Bardane, he said.

Work on the new facility is expected to take a year, Powers said.

The headquarters will be staffed by a captain, two lieutenants, clerical workers, at least one mechanic and a radio repair specialist.

Sponaugle said there will be no more troopers assigned to the Eastern Panhandle, but there will be more supervisors.

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